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In 2006 “The Best Party in Town” or as it was more commonly known “Jumpin Jaks” in Gloucester ceased its operations. For so many people in Gloucester, JJ's was known for its great party atmosphere, especially to the older generations and those who fancied a change from the other clubs on offer.

Over the past two years, the number of people actively clubbing in Gloucester has risen significantly. As a result of this, we have seen numerous major UK chain bars and restaurants make their move to Gloucester. Most notably, Lloyds No.1 Bar, J.D Wetherspoons and Varsity. Many of Gloucester’s nightclubs have also had major refits during this time to cater for the ever increasing number of people, wishing to make use of their facilities.

Having visited other Jumpin Jak’s locations, it is clear that the brand’s image is still very strong, most noticeably in Cardiff, thanks to its excellent entertainment team. This is something that could definitely be brought to Gloucester.

What Gloucester is also currently lacking are student nights. Jumpin Jaks would instantly produce an attractive venue for students throughout both Gloucester and Cheltenham and with the proposed build of a new campus for Gloucestershire University, the city will see hundreds of new students living in Gloucester by 2012.

The 3D-Entertainment Group currently owns and operates the "Envy-Lansons" Nightclub on Quay Street, Gloucester which is due to become a "Studio 25" very soon. Ideally it would be more beneficial if both "Studio 25" and "Jumpin Jaks" were to exist in the city. However given the choice, the "Jaks" location would probably be favored over that of "Envy-Lansons" by the general public and so it has been suggested that an option could exist by which trade is ceased at the "Envy-Lansons", Quay street location and moved to the old "Jumpin Jaks" site on Brunswick Road.

The Jumpin Jaks site is currently still being marketed for sale on a freehold basis and has planning permission for a complete demolition, so any action would need to be taken before the site gets snapped up by another retailer!

The aim of this petition is to show the owners of the “Jumpin Jaks” brand that the people of Gloucester need a new nightclub which caters for all kinds of people and gives them a place to party each and every weekend. The memories that so many people share could once again be brought alive!

We appeal to the executives of the 3D-Entertainment Group Ltd to consider the re-purchasing and re-opening of the Jumpin Jaks site at Brunswick Road, Gloucester, UK.

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