The Staff @ The Edge Nightclub
United Kingdom

January 21, 2006

One month ago, the above-mentioned frequenter of The Edge Nightclub was removed from the premises and barred. The reason behind these events lie within a questionable act which she performed within the confines of a cubicle in the women's bathroom.

She is aware that she and the other party involved were at fault and she apologises for this high-spirited incident and assures the management and staff of the venue that it shall not happen again.

Taking into account that she has been a frequent visitor of the club for 5 years, has assisted in organising past events, has DJed at the venue on occasion and that far worse acts have been perpetrated over the years, we feel she should be allowed a second chance and let back into the club, on the understanding that she is on her best behaviour.

We, the undersigned, hereby declare our desire for Sal to be allowed back into the Edge Nightclub.

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