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1. Remove the Buses from North Nevada Avenue

On May 1, the City of Colorado Springs moved bus routes from both Cascade and Wasatch Avenues onto Nevada Avenue and radically increased the frequency of service. A City bus now travels up or down North Nevada Avenue through a residential neighborhood every seven and a half minutes. A total of 113 buses now pass through that neighborhood on that street every day. This is more than Academy Boulevard! In fact, North Nevada through the Old North End Neighborhood now has the highest number of buses running through it of any street in the entire City.

Here is a list of concerns:
1. Traffic volume on Nevada. Nevada already has the greatest volume of daily traffic of the four North-South streets in the Old End Neighborhood, and yet, buses were moved from two streets with significantly less traffic onto Nevada.
2. Nevada does not meet City or national road standards.
3. Unsafe clearance. Buses cannot safely maneuver in the narrow single lanes on Nevada and so routinely straddle both traffic lanes.
4. North Nevada Avenue already has serious traffic safety problems. In the last four years, there were a total of 4 traffic fatalities on North Nevada through the Old North End neighborhood. That is an average of 1 traffic fatality every year on a segment of roadway that is less than one and a half miles long.
5. Nearly all of the buses are empty and only 34 people in the entire neighborhood use them each day.
6. The homes along North Nevada are in a National Historic District. This extraordinarily high volume of buses are threatening to destroy those fragile homes.
7. Moving the buses to Nevada and increasing their frequency is in clear violation of the Old North End Neighborhood Master Plan that was adopted by City Council.

2. Urge the Clark County (NV) Commission to Ban Animal Retail in Pet Shops

"Las Vegas passed the ban with two goals in mind: reducing the number of homeless pets in local shelters and stopping 'puppy mills.'

The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV) took in nearly 34,000 animals in 2015, most of which were dogs and cats. About a quarter of the dogs and two-thirds of the cats were euthanized, according to the foundation's website.

Ban supporters contend that most pet stores buy their animals from puppy mills, which are known for mass-breeding dogs and cats.

The American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty classifies puppy mills as 'large-scale commercial' facilities where profit trumps the animals' well-being. It says the females are bred as often as possible without regard for their health, and the animals often live in overcrowded and unsanitary cages." Las Vegas Review Journal, 1/23/2016

3. Hillary Clinton will Announce in New York City on Saturday, July 4, 2015 in Central Park

Michael Collins @

Predict Hillary will announce on July 4, 2015.

What better date and symbol? Alerting national media.

Predict Hillary will announce on July 4th in New York City, Columbus,

Philadelphia or wild card San Francisco. Maybe a massive Central Park rally?

4. Order The Henderson, Nevada Justice System to be Federally Investigated for Corruption

Please take a moment and watch my YouTube vlog titled: Match Killon Vlog Week 2: Corruption In Henderson, NV

5. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

6. Legendary actor Robert Mitchum to receive an honorary oscar

Robert Mitchum (1917-1997) was an underrated American leading man of enormous ability who sublimated his talents beneath an air of disinterest. In 1945, he was cast as Lt. Walker in Story of G.I. Joe (1945) and received an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor.

His star ascended rapidly, and he became an icon of 1940s film noir, though equally adept at westerns and romantic dramas. His apparently lazy style and seen-it-all demeanor proved highly attractive to men and women, and by the 1950s, he was a true superstar despite a brief prison term for marijuana usage in 1949, which seemed to enhance rather than diminish his "bad boy" appeal. Though seemingly dismissive of "art," he worked in tremendously artistically thoughtful projects such as Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter (1955) and even co-wrote and composed an oratorio produced at the Hollywood Bowl by Orson Welles.

A master of accents and seemingly unconcerned about his star image, he played in both forgettable and unforgettable films with unswerving nonchalance, leading many to overlook the prodigious talent he can bring to a project that he finds compelling. He made the screen breathe and will be remembered as one of the greatest actors who ever lived.

7. Do Not Raise Parking Fees for Classifed Staff due to Mandatory Furlough

All classified staff employed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will be forced to take a mandatory 1 day a month furlough.

Professional and Faculty State Workers will not be effected by the State Mandatory Furlough.

8. Nevada For Education

Currently the State of Nevada is in a Educational Civil War and its Carson City VS the People. At the end of this academic school year the best school in the east region in the Clark County School District will have to cut teachers, deans, and counselors.

Yes the people who run the school to allow your children to have a respectable education. Las Vegas High School will be cut next year by 300,000 dollars in funding which means class sizes possibly doubling from our current levels.

Please fight against this lack of governmental logic.

9. Get Push Play to Perform In Las Vegas, Nevada

Please everyone sign the petition to get Push Play to perform in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Push Play has alot of fans here in Las Vegas and we all want them to come back!!! Please sign the petition!!!

10. The Jonas Brothers In Reno

There are many, many Jonas Brothers fans in Reno, Nevada. It would be so absolutley amazing if they could come to our town.

No good bands ever come here, so we would be extremely grateful if they could arrange a concert in or near Reno.

11. Scrutinize redevelopment proposals for the Tahoe Biltmore and Tahoe Mariner properties in Crystal Bay, Nevada

Boulder Bay, LLC is working on a conceptual plan to redevelop the present Tahoe Biltmore and former Tahoe Mariner properties, which they own in Crystal Bay, Nevada.

As part of their planning effort, they submitted on January 15, 2008 a request to the Washoe County Community Development authority, for right-of-way abandonment affecting three county roads. The applicant request includes the elimination of Reservoir Drive and a portion of Wassou Rd. and a major realignment of both Wassou Road, and Lakeview Avenue.

This “realignment” would include a variance to County code because their plans include new road construction which would exceed the County’s maximum allowable grade.

The County’s action on this request is scheduled before the Washoe County Planning Commission on May 6, 2008.

The developer is keenly interested in securing approval on the road abandonment/slope variance as it is an essential ingredient to the extremely large scale of their proposed project. It is a high-density, high occupancy project. While the developers plans remain in flux, all variations of their plans appear to project 300-400 condominiums (much in fractional ownership), additional hotel and employee living units, and significant commercial, gaming and meeting space (most recently proposed at around 77,000 square feet). This single project development may increase the size of Crystal Bay by 2 to 3 times (as measure by residents, assessor parcel numbers, etc.).

The development project is clearly oversized for the area and will adversely affect the community. The effects include reduced options for access and a negative traffic impact on existing substandard infrastructure. And there are many other problematic aspects of the proposed development (which include nonconformance with the local community plan, parking, safety, etc.).

However this petition is focused on rejection of the road abandonment/slope variance request since it creates design, safety and traffic impact issues which are detrimental and discriminatory to the local community.

12. Block Current Plans for Construction of New City Hall & Police Station

It was recently brought to the attention of myself and surrounding neighbors, during the Feb.12th meeting of the City's Planning and Zoning Commission, that a parcel of land directly south of Mr. Paul Ackerman’s property, required rezoning from R-3 to DC, to further the process of building a new City Hall and Police station to serve the city for the next 50 years.

At that meeting I spoke on behalf of my neighbors who had gathered previously to discuss closure of the south 200’ of alleyway, the proposed site for the construction of the new City Hall, the building’s basic layout, to gain insight regarding funding for this project, and overall, how it will effect our neighborhood as far as property values and safety.

We were then invited as a group to meet March 5th with Dave Haugland, City Administrator, Michael Tupper, Chief of Police, Neil Guess, of the Howard R. Green Company and three of his associates, for further discussion. It was at this meeting that we were presented with detailed drawings of the project.

Those plans as stated are to build City Hall where a buffer zone has been for decades between commercial and residential properties. At this time no other strategies have been presented to maintain the location on 6th Street. The new building will be located at the corner of 7th Street and Lincolnway, facing West to 6th Street, across a new 43 space parking lot, complete with trees and landscaping, to an entrance from 6th Street.

13. Lies, Buried No Longer!

The case, Nevada vs. Guyette may be one of the most bizarre cases in history to date! Lies, created by officials of Nevada and Indiana that convicted and imprisoned a young 19 year old, Harold "Pete" Guyette in 1966 for one of two murders, currently haunts the offices of the Churchill Co. Sheriff and District Attorney in Fallon, Nevada.

The newly elected Governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons is being demanded through this petition to answer questions that can no longer be concealed, as was done by the former Governor Kenny Guinn. Guyette's release after six years from the Nevada State Prison at Carson City on 11-3-72, serving a life/without parole sentence, never brought to trial on the second charge of murder, demands answers. Only through the efforts of William E. Plants, a Fallon, Nevada preacher, Byron Meredith, an attorney, who was eager to make a name for himself, and Bruce R. Thompson, an United States District Court Judge, Nevada, who recognized the blatant miscarriage of justice and had the courage to apply the law, did Guyette regain freedom. Judge Bruce R. Thompson wrote a letter seven days after Guyette's release, stating "...the record and evidence, produced, proved not only that Guyette's conviction had been obtained by violating his constitutional rights but also that he was in fact, not guilty of the charge."

Today, thirty-five years after his release from prison in 1972, Guyette presents the following petition, supported by signatures of individuals throughout the United States, Canada and any other country, seeing the obligation that requires Jim Gibbons, the newly elected Governor of Nevada to answer questions that should have been answered forty years ago when Guyette was arrested in Elkhart, Indiana on April 1, 1966!

Facts, supporting this petition may be seen in detail @

14. Rescuing Recess In Nevada

CHICAGO Oct 9, 2006 (AP)— Here's some soothing medicine for stressed-out parents and overscheduled kids: The American Academy of Pediatrics says what children really need for healthy development is more good, old-fashioned playtime.

15. Stop prostitution in Nevada

We have done extensive research with nevada brothels, no one cares about the hookers! It's all about the money!

Hookers get paid little, compared to what their children are having to go through! A living hell! spreading diseases, abortions, lack of education, hookers are in it for the right now!

Not educated, most simply not knowing just how temporary this realy is! and for what a few extra bucks! NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE TO BE RAISED BY A HOOKER! PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE!

16. Re-institution of the Sierra Nevada Framework

The current plan to help the environment, the Forest Plan Amendment, is actually destroying the habitats endangered species depend upon, but is also contributing to the overall greenhouse gas effect through deforestation of parts of the Sierra Nevada Range.

This petition is designed to re-instate the old plan, the Sierra Nevada framework, which not only protected the endangered species that live the Sierra Nevada range, but also served as a bridge between environmentalists and timber companies.

17. Pope-Preddy Air Force Base Initiative

INTRODUCTION: The Air Force often names air bases and air fields after the first aviator to be killed at or near the airport in question.

Many air bases are named for famous aviators native to the area in which the air base is located. Some air bases have been renamed.

There are only two major Air Force installations in NC: Pope and Seymour Johnson.

PRECEDENTS: Pope AFB, NC was named for 1st Lt. Harley H. Pope, killed with his crewman, Sgt. W. W. Fleming, January 7, 1917 when his JN-4 crashed into the Cape Fear River near Fayetteville. Poor visibility and fuel exhaustion led to the fatal crash. Lt. Pope is from Bedford, Indiana.

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC is named for Navy Lt. Seymour A. Johnson, Goldsboro native, killed March 5, 1941 in an aircraft accident in Maryland.

Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona is named for two local early aviators, 2nd Lt. Samuel H. Davis, killed Dec. 28, 1921 and 2nd Lt. Oscar Monthan, killed March 27, 1924.

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio is named for aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright and for 1st Lt. Frank S. Patterson, killed June 19, 1918, in the crash of a DH-4. The Wright brothers are from Ohio.

Dyess AFB, Texas was renamed for Lt. Col. William E. Dyess, WWII fighter pilot who took part in the infamous Bataan death march. He escaped from a Japanese prison camp in April 1943 only to be killed in a P-38 crash in December 1943 at Burbank, CA.

Laughlin AFB, Texas is named for 1st Lt. Jack T. Laughlin, Texas native, B-17 pilot killed over Java on January 29,1942.

McConnell AFB, Kansas is named for three brothers from Wichita: 2nd Lt. Thomas L McConnell killed July 10, 1943 during an attack on Bouganville; Capt. Fred J. McConnell killed in a private plane crash October 25, 1945; and Lt. Col. Edwin M. McConnell who died September 1, 1997.

McGuire AFB, NJ is named for NJ native Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr., P-38 pilot, second leading ace of WWII, Medal of Honor recipient, killed in action January 7, 1945 in the Philippines.

Nellis AFB, Nevada is named for Nevada native 1st Lt. William H. Nellis, WWII P-47 fighter pilot, killed December 27, 1944 in Europe.

Schriever AFB, Colorado was renamed in March 1998 for Gen. Bernard A. Schriever.

Vance AFB, Oklahoma is named for Oklahoma native Lt. Col. Leon R. Vance Jr., 1939 graduate of West Point, Medal of Honor recipient, killed July 26, 1944 when air-evac plane returning to the US went down in the Atlantic near Iceland.