Christ United Methodist Church Burton
United States of America

Dec 28, 2005

This is asking for a church wide decision on the removeal of Pastor Rev Theodore D. Whitely.

That the Findings, reasons, of the SPR to ask Pastor to be moved, be brought to light and conflict of issues be delt with openly. Giving Pastor the opportunity to address complaints, issues, and a Time line be established for changes that may be needed.

That time be perpitted to show willness to work as adult Chrtistians to resoulve conflicts. That a group of 12 be named to come in faith with the pastor weekly to deal and resoulve complaints , and or problems. May this be for 2 , three moths sessions and revied at each 3 moths end. Giving a extra 3 months if needed.

That in 9 Months if conflict has not been worked out in agreement for either CUMC or Pastor. It will be agreeded that Pastor Whitely will request to me moved.

We, the undersigned, request more time to resolve conflict at Christ United Methodist Church Burton. We request that Pastor Rev Ted Whitely stay on as pastor for 1 more year.

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