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1. Mod Tannon

Mod Tannon

2. Saints Row 3 Toolset

Modding the Saints Row 3 game would keep interest on the game for a longer period and could create more prospective buyers.

I have bought games long after their shelf life because of the availability of a more comprehensive modding tool.

3. Request for Combined Service Medal

Soldiers receive a good conduct and long service medal after 22 years of service, the police, fire service all have their equivalent, however what happens to someone who serves 22 years or more in a combination of these services ? They are awarded nothing.

Should there not be a combined service medal available to those that carry out their duties with a good record for 22 years are more ? I think they should be rewarded like all the others....

4. Save The Red Arrows!

The official name of the Team is the ‘Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team’, commonly known as the ‘Red Arrows’. The Red Arrows are a small part of a large organisation; the Royal Air Force, much of which is engaged in operations overseas defending UK interests and making the world a safer place.

The Red Arrows are the public face of the Royal Air Force and are acknowledged as one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams. Within the UK, the Red Arrows exist to demonstrate the professional excellence of the Royal Air Force and promote recruitment to the Royal Air Force. The Red Arrows have inspired a significant number of people to join the Royal Air Force, both as officers and airmen in all trades, not just pilots!

The Team supports wider British interests overseas by contributing to Defence Diplomacy efforts and promoting British industry. The Hawk aircraft flown by the Team and most of its components are all British made. During international tours the Red Arrows demonstrate both British skill and British technology to millions of people.

The Red Arrows also help more than 500 UK charities every year - contributing many thousands of pounds to a wide variety of important causes.

5. Support a Brand New Military Hospital

We petition the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime
Minister to construct a brand new military hospital, with
1,000 bed capacity, state of the art medical treatment
and facilities, with rehab unit, swimming pools, running
tracks etc using NHS Funds and that this hospital be
operated and used solely by the MoD.

Our brave men and women of the British Armed Forces
deserve our support and gratitude.

Thank you for signing. Please forward on to friends and

6. Officially support modding in Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War I is a brilliant example of how, if a company embraces modders, modders will embrace the company and grow passionate communities of fans.

These fans are passionate about the game and create the grass roots marketing that so many companies desire.

The communities that grew around the Dawn of War I mods prolonged Dawn of War's life and brought enjoyment to many fans. Many people bought Dawn of War specifically for the mods and Dawn of War's mod friendliness.

With this in mind it is strange that Relic would turn their back on the modding community.

7. Request to Ubisoft to Include an SDK with Far Cry 2

In various gaming articles Ubisoft has announced that they are releasing a map maker for Far Cry 2 and some modding tools, but NOT and SDK (Software Development Kit).

This is VERY important for modders and if not included, it will kill the mod scene for Far Cry 2.

This petition aims to encourage Ubisoft to include an SDK with Far Cry 2.

We don't demand that it be done by release, but we hope that one will eventually be released.

8. Lost World Mod Help

Dear community / BIS

Lost World Returns has an urgent problem, and we would like to address the situation. With over a year spent in development, with most of our content being created behind the scenes, we all have spent a lot time and money on this project and we have now hit a large wall, or rather a HUGE MOUNTAIN.

We would like to try and rally up some support from the community and ask BIS one last time for their help and support.

With the release of the community tools most of the mods where able to start porting or developing content for Arma, with little problems.

Unfortunately we had a different story, and we were relying on BIS to release their animation tool that allows exportation of smoothed skinned data form a model from Maya into o2, this tool would allow us to import Maya created animations without doing the impossible job of rigging and setting up the weights in o2. We are fully aware BIS has such a tool, as the animations you see in-game where created using the exact method from their motion capture studio.

With talks and emails arranged, we have still not heard anything back for over two months, not even a confirmation email acknowledging our issue.

So it leave us no choice as a “team” to try and get some public support on the matter, and if by the end of the month we have still not heard anything we will have to consider developing our content for another engine.

By no means are we in position to start demanding information or software, but we would like to hear a response, out of respect and curiosity and from a professional stand point of view that BIS represents in their company.

If BIS are reluctant to reply, unfortunately we will be packing our bags and moving to another engine, not because of choice, but because of future development. We have produced too much material to drop it all. And we are more than willing to take a step back, in order to take many steps forward again in the future.

I hope everyone understands our position and the next week will prove to be the most important.

Our dinosaurs have been crying out for this animation technology and we really need to support them.

If any news sites that would be willing to help spread the word, that would be great.

Thank you for reading and support.

9. A 5 Year Freeze on Genetic Engineering

The Tablelands GeneEthics Network formed 18 months ago with the aim of freezing the growth of gene modified crops across the Atherton Tablelands region of North Queensland for a period of 5 years.

In this time a moratorium can allow for proper investigation of the affects of Gene Modified crops in relation to health, environment & industry.

A forum held in Atherton on the 26 March 2001 drew an audience of close to 500 residents to listen to speakers from the Organic farming association, Queensland DPI, Monsanto & Consumer food network.

A questionnaire on the night showed that 89% of attendees agreed to a 5 year moratorium on the Atherton Tablelands.