Anyone who feels modding is a vital part of a game's life

Dawn of War I is a brilliant example of how, if a company embraces modders, modders will embrace the company and grow passionate communities of fans.

These fans are passionate about the game and create the grass roots marketing that so many companies desire.

The communities that grew around the Dawn of War I mods prolonged Dawn of War's life and brought enjoyment to many fans. Many people bought Dawn of War specifically for the mods and Dawn of War's mod friendliness.

With this in mind it is strange that Relic would turn their back on the modding community.

We, the undersigned, believe that mods add vitality and vibrancy to games. Furthermore they create communities of very loyal fans who are vital to a game's success.

Dawn of War II should continue the great tradition of modding found in Dawn of War I.

Without this heritage, Dawn of War II will be missing an integral factor that made Dawn of War I so fantastic.

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