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1. Petition to Uber

The following are a few disagreements and annoyances that we, the drivers of your ride-sharing services, have with certain aspects of your platform, which we consider are very unfair to us.

That's why, in addition to giving a list of such requests, we present what we consider to be successful solutions towards creating better working conditions for the drivers, and to continue providing an excellent service to your passengers.

2. Bring MenudoMania to NYC

We are looking to continue the Mania of Menudo by bringing MenudoManiaForever to NYC. We have in the past participated in El Reencuentro NYC and MenudoManiaForever in Miami.

We have received many requests for a show in the NYC area but need your help with reaching out to promote, and show how much interest we have in this area. Social media will only take us so far, so with your help our goal is to get at least 3000 signatures, enough to fill a venue and get this show on the east coast.

Please help by reaching out to all those MenudoManiacs out there, and lets show the Manager and promoters that WE CAN do this!

Thank you for the continued support and love of Menudo.

3. Do Not Deport Miguel Carvajal

My name is Heather Carvajal, United States Citizen. I am petitioning for my husband, Miguel Carvajal (Non citizen), to ask INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services), ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement and USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to stop orders for deportation and to grant legal status to Miguel Carvajal.

Miguel came into this country in 1983 at the young tender age of 8 years old and has lived here ever since. He completed elementary school, middle school, high school and 2 years of University in Florida. He traveled and played Professional Soccer. Miguel is now 43 years old, and we have been married for 15 years and together for 18. We have 4 sons (American Citizens), one of whom is buried here in Pompano Beach Fl. We own a home, 2 vehicles, own a business United FC Soccer Academy, and serve our community. We became born again Christians 16 years ago, saved by grace and are grateful for God's forgiveness. We have walked in God's grace and with our focus on serving The Lord and others.

On June 29, 2017 around 7p.m.., ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) came to the field we were training our son on, and arrested Miguel on orders of deportation. He is/has been detained at KROME Detention Center in Miami Fl since that time. For over 16 months Miguel has been waiting for an interview regarding his application for residency and waiver. This application and waiver can be adjudicated by USCIS even with a final order of removal. The file is currently at the Kendall USCIS office and Miguel can be interviewed at Krome.

This petition is EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE as they are looking to deport Miguel and tear our family apart, they have denied his I-246 stay on removal and have taken him to the embassy to get his passport in process for removal.


4. Eastern Air Lines: establish a Miami to Roatan route

We are asking the management of Eastern Airlines to consider making a Miami to Roatan route a part of their initial flights. Roatan is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean!

Isolated from the mainland and miles away from anywhere else, Roatan has maintained the laid-back, small scale island atmosphere while offering all the services and amenities for an ideal Caribbean vacation.

Sunwing and Air Transat Airlines has been flying to Roatan for a few years. It must be a profitable operation for they are still flying to Roatan from Toronto and Montreal. We invite Eastern Airlines to come visit this wonderful island and hope to see you soon

5. Bring Back CSI Miami

Started September 2002
Network Only on CBS!
Starring David Caruso, Eva La Rue, Rex Linn, Adam Rodriguez, Emily Procter, Jonathan Togo and Omar Miller.

Did CSI: Miami Get Robbed? TV's Five Biggest Canceled Shows via @eonline

Contact Info:

6. Let's get Fifth Harmony to Miami again!

Hello, thank you for clicking the link I probably left on your dms or ask box. So, I'm a brazilian fan of the girl group Fifth Harmony and I had lost any hope I had of seeing them live until they said there were going to be more tour dates and I got excited again because I knew I would be travelling to the USA in november.

Except they didn't announce any date in Miami which doesn't make sense because not one, but TWO members of the group are from there.

So this petition is to prove to them that we want them back in Miami in the end of November (because that's when I'm going, I'm sorry if this is selfish).

Even if you aren't from Miami, help a fan who lives far (far, far, far) away to meet their idols? I would love you forever..

7. One Direction Meet and Greet in Miami

We are from Guatemala and we have already purchased our tickets for the One Direction concert in Miami.

To be able to afford them, we held bakesales and sold candy among our friends.

It is what we are planning to do to celebrate our graduation and we want it to be memorable.

8. Skate park for the city of Miami

In the city of Miami skateboarders can be prosecuted with trespassing if they are caught skateboarding on public property, as a way to keep these people from tickets and jail-time we ask for a skate park

9. Petición de apoyo a las artes en Miami



10. Save Lolita

Miami SeaQuarium was the first animal amusement park to house an orca whale, 37 years ago. Lolita is the whale's name, and after all of these years, she still lives there. Lolita's tank is under government regulation size, but the SeaQuarium has been promising a new tank for over 20 years. They have yet to build one. Lolita is made to perform twice a day, every single day, and this is slavery.

She was taken from her family at age two, and has never been reunited. This whale needs to be saved before she dies, after a life of solitary confinement and slavery.

11. We want Walk Through Metal Detectors in our Schools


12. Push Boston's Closing Time Back to 5 A.M.!

While traveling these Great United States of America, I've discovered Boston, the city I love, to be on par or to surpass many a major city in terms of culture, fashion, history, education, and diversity. What do these cities posses that Boston lacks? The case could be made for better roads, cleaner subways, or costlier housing. However, I believe that one glaring knock on Boston's national and international reputation is its early-to-bed nightlife.

For a city so vibrant, so rich, and so young, closing times affect people from all walks of life who find themselves in Beantown: tourists, college students, businessmen and women, musicians, professional athletes, and so on. To better compete economically with other major cities, as well as opening doors to greater investment and diversity, Boston should push its closing time back to one comparable with other great cities, 5 A.M. .

13. Peace for Peacocks in Coconut Grove

UPDATE (11.03.08):

The City Manager's office has reported that the final count of peacocks and peahens is 25 +/- 1. They have decided to NOT trap, remove or interfere with the peacocks. This is very good news!

However, individual homeowners can hire trappers to set traps and nets on their own private property. Once a peacock is trapped, we have no idea where these animals will be sent and what will happen to them.

As of 11.01.08, no observable traps or nets have been placed in the neighborhood; though some residences have obstructed views. Peacock supporters continue to work the neighborhood looking for evidence of trapping and will document any inhumane treatment that is observed.


For many years, peacocks and peahens have lived freely and harmlessly in Coconut Grove. They are free-roaming, free-flying animals who live peacefully among cats, dogs, birds, opossums and other animals.

For decades, Grove residents have enjoyed the striking plumage, humorous antics and familial bonds of peacocks and peahens. In fact, Coconut Grove is one of a handful of places in the United States where peacocks live side-by-side in humans in residential neighborhoods.

It is an honor that they have chosen to live here in Coconut Grove. We should be good neighbors and allow them to live their lives freely, with their fathers and mothers and siblings and children, and without interference.

14. Change Police Officer Hiring Requirements!!

Did you know that to be a police officer in the state of Florida you have to have good credit. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Also passing a polygraph exam. Obviously many of the officers hired had a good enough credit score and also passed their lie detector test.

But what does that tell you about them as a person or what does it say about them being a good officer? I'll tell you what, nothing.

Here's an example::: Miami, Fl
A Miami, Fl police officer was charged with animal cruelty and another offense after he kicked a police dog into unconsciousness, according to The Police News. The incident is said to have occurred after “Duke,” a 4-year-old German Shepherd, barked (when he shouldn't have) during a training exercise at the Miami Dade Training Bureau.

The officer, “lost it,” a source of Local 10 Florida said. The officer, a 27-year police veteran and 25-year canine officer was arrested after the dog collapsed. Duke was rushed to an animal clinic by the officer after he shook the dog and realized that Duke was unconscious. The dog later died at the clinic.The officer has been placed on administrative duty with pay since the investigation began.

So the good people that maybe have a little something on their credit because of tough times or because of some bad luck and did not pass the polygraph have to suffer and not be able to serve their communities as an officer of the law. Polygraph test are not 100% effective and having good credit doesn't make you a good person. As you read in the previous example.

Lets join together to eliminate this "requirement" and from letting good people join the police force. My husband a Unites States Marine with an honorable discharge, now in the Army Reserve, never done drugs, good moral character, great citizen, hard working, overall great individual who is more than highly qualified for this job was turned down because of bad credit that his ex wife caused not him. There has to be a better way to hire good police officers.

15. Menudo & "Smile Across America Tour" in Miami, Florida

Menudo is a boy-band that besides talented, has a great personality. The boy-band the everyone is dying to meet!

Please help us out to get the to MIAMI, FL with "SMILE ACROSS AMERICA TOUR".


16. Petition Against Wet foot, Dry Foot Policy

Cuban immigrants who illegally migrate to the U.S. are allowed to stay once they set foot on American soil.

With the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, Cubans who make it to shore can stay becoming eligible for permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

This law shows favoritism toward a certan group of people (Cubans). Which is not fair for other people who legally apply for asylum from their own countries. The Cuban excuse is always that Fidel Castro is after them. If that's the case then all countries should have the option to "get way" from whomever is after them. I doubt that Fidel would be after all those people who illegally migrate. They just take advantage of the benefit they have to just touch soil without having to file paper work and wait years for residency.


Menudo has many fans in Miami,FL we want to spread the world more about them and their music.

We need "SMILE ACROSS AMERICA TOUR" in Miami to do this!

18. Petition to get Raul Martinez to run for Congress!

Mayor Raul Martinez has indicated that he is considering running for Congress against Lincoln Diaz-Balart. It is our job to convince him to do so.

Raul Martinez has been in public service for over 30 years and during his tenure as mayor of Hialeah, the city saw unprecedented levels of economic growth and prosperity.

19. MLS expansion

Alright as any good soccer fan knows, the MLS hasn't had a florioda soccer team in the MLs since the Miami Fusion and Tampa Bay folded.

I suggest that we add an MLS team in Florida, particularly the middle of Florida around palm beach, just because, Palm Beach County is all about soccer and only 30 minutes away from Miami, giving the Fusion fans a chance to just drive up here.

Please sign this petition Florida is craving a major league soccer team. Please sign this it would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to get about 500 signatures before sending this off with an Email to the MLS.

20. Save the Hialeah Race Track

The Hialeah Race Track has seen many historic figures including Winston
Churchill, and J.F.K.

The Hialeah Park Race Track (also known as the Miami Jockey Club or Hialeah
Race Track or Hialeah Park) is a historic site in Hialeah, Florida.

It has seen many great horse races.

It has recently been put on the endangered historic places list. The owner plans to tear it down and have condos put up in its place.

21. HELP ! Let justice be served in the murder case of Ana Maria Angel

Your valuable signature is ESSENTIAL in helping me REMOVE Judge William Thomas from the murder case of my daughter.

My daughter, Ana Maria Angel was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered.

Judge William Thomas has decided to throw 2 essential confessions away.

Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done in an impartial and fair trial.


On the 28th of April of 2002, my life was completely torn apart after my daughter Ana Maria Angel and her boyfriend Nelson Portobanco suffered a terrible assault. Ana Maria Angel was KIDNAPPED, ROBBED, RAPED and MURDERED by multiple assailants.

Nelson was left for dead after receiving numerous punches and stabs. He was stabbed in his back, throat and face with a knife. Fortunately, he survived.

Individuals accused of committing these heinous acts were detained and are awaiting trial.

After four long years of delays and legal maneuvers, the case has been assigned to Judge William Thomas to oversee Ana’s case. To my surprise, his attitude and decisions have demonstrated to us that he's a judge who, in our opinion, is still acting as a former defense attorney.

The judge lacks the necessary experience in criminal cases, especially since he is a new judge and has been working much of his life defending criminals.

We have decided to express these thoughts publicly in hopes that justice may not be undermined in the criminal trial.

Judge William Thomas' LIBERAL attitude and decisions so far may not see the best interests of justice served.

Judge William Thomas THREW OUT vital evidence, the confession of the alleged perpetrators. If the accused are freed in these circumstances, we face the risk that they will terrorize the lives of the daughters and sons of our community.,,,,,,

22. Save the Everlades Outpost Wildlife Refuge

A petition to the Mayor of Miami Dade county to provide funding. For the Everlades Outpost Wildlife rehabilitaion center and refuge.

23. Free the Cuban Prisoners

Five Cubans are political prisoners of the United States. They suffer an injustice in different American jails. They are the victims of injustice handed out by the traditional enemies of Cuba, the extreme right wing of Miami and Washington. With fraud, pressure and maneuvers they were able to get the jury to indict them for espionage, even though it was never proven and even though in the trial the accusers recognized that they had not gained any intelligence secrets nor were they responsible for the shooting down of the two planes.

It is a crime to convict 5 heroic persons who, without ever resorting to violence, without injuring anyone, were carrying out the duty of gathering information on Miami terrorist groups and their plans against Cuba. They were treated inhumanely by a corrupt Miami court system, and are now confined in five different jails in the United States.

Almost a year after their arrest, cynically, the grave charge of murder conspiracy was leveled against them, relating them to the shooting down in February of 1996 of the two planes over international waters. Planes under the command of Jose Basulto, a shadowy Miami figure that was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion, and a terrorist who, in 1987, had machined gun a hotel on the coast of Cuba. It can be added that for years Basulto and his band of pirates had violated Cuban airspace with full knowledge and tolerance of US authorities.

24. Fire Dave Wannstedt

What a season of utter disappointment. In the 35 plus years of watching the Miami Dolphins I have never witnessed such lackluster, uninspired performances from quality athletes. Six Pro Bowlers on the 2002 team and the Phins still went 9 and 7 and missed the playoffs. Well….. Just like most businesses in the World, if your company is failing then you've got to look at the top.

We Dolphin fans are starting to look at the top. Dave Wannstedt's record as the Chicago Bears coach went from Good to very bad during his 6 years at the helm and his record at Miami is taking on a similar decline.

11-5 in 2000 and a playoff loss in the second round
11-5 in 2001 with a Wildcard playoff loss
9-7 in 2002 (Missed the playoffs)

This petition is simply meant to be another voice for Dolphin fans to let Mr. Wannstedt know that he better get his act together and light a fire under his coaching staff, his team and most certainly himself!

PS: Feel free to leave comments in the discussion board down below.

25. Miami Registration Via KickStart or similar

Holger Kruse wrote the fine TCP/IP program Miami and later the better MiamiDX for the Amiga. Due to circumstances beyond his control he is unable to contine to allow people to register or upgrade this program. This petition is to ask Holger Kruse to give the registration of Miami, MiamiDX and upgrades to a third party to continue the use of his fine program.

26. Get rid of Bear across from school at Miami East North

Our children have a right to go to school without having to worry about a brown bear getting loose and hurting them.