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What a season of utter disappointment. In the 35 plus years of watching the Miami Dolphins I have never witnessed such lackluster, uninspired performances from quality athletes. Six Pro Bowlers on the 2002 team and the Phins still went 9 and 7 and missed the playoffs. Well….. Just like most businesses in the World, if your company is failing then you've got to look at the top.

We Dolphin fans are starting to look at the top. Dave Wannstedt's record as the Chicago Bears coach went from Good to very bad during his 6 years at the helm and his record at Miami is taking on a similar decline.

11-5 in 2000 and a playoff loss in the second round
11-5 in 2001 with a Wildcard playoff loss
9-7 in 2002 (Missed the playoffs)

This petition is simply meant to be another voice for Dolphin fans to let Mr. Wannstedt know that he better get his act together and light a fire under his coaching staff, his team and most certainly himself!

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Dear Mr. Huizenga,

First off, we know that this dumb old petition will not make you jump up, pick up the phone, call Coach Dave Wannstedt, and FIRE HIM! What we're hoping for with this petition is to make you aware that there is a group of loyal and vocal fans who have had it with year-end flame outs. Last seasons collapse was by far, the worst. It's time to consider a coach with Parcell's attitude and Chucky's scowl! It's time to get tough……….

In a nut shell: We're watching and we will be vocal if things don't change.


Loyal, Vocal, Miami Dolphin Fans

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