#City & Town Planning
Near South Health Center
United States of America

This petition is being drawn up because there is a great need for a parking lot for the Near South Health Center.

The Health Center provides service for a large variety of different age groups, with that being from infants to senior citizens. It is a great inconvienence for clients that may have a disability or those with young children. The inconvenience comes into play because there is no close by parking, nor is there any accessible parking for the disable.

The possible available parking is being consumed by the patrons and employees of the Police Department located directly across the street from the health center. The other nearby parking is the Churches Chicken restaurant which has now barred any of the patients from parking in their parking lot, there also use to be a vacant lot located on the left side of the health center which has now been fenced in which makes that off limits as well, therefore the patients or other visitors of the health center must park approximately 2-3 blocks away or take a chance on parking in the restaurant just to have the convenience of the closeness.

Again there is definitely a great need for a parking facility for the patients and visitors to park without the risk of getting towed or ticketed.

We, the patients, visitors and employees of the NEAR SOUTH HEALTH CENTER, are requesting that a parking facility be built at a nearby location, so that the patients and visitors have a safe and convenient place to park, especially for those that have disabilities and or any other physical limitations for extensive walking.

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