#Neighborhood Living
Willowick Gardens, and all parties responsible therein
United States of America

This petition is created upon request by tenants residing at Willowick Gardens. This petition is also to be used as formal notification by tenants for the sole purpose and intent of informing said Organization of usafe and unsatisfactory living conditions.

Due to uncontrollable weather conditions, our Apartment Complex has been left in a state of needed repair. Below is a list of said repairs that must be addressed immediately.

1.) Parking lot on East side of complex is damaged beyond repair and temporarily closed to traffic until further notice.

2.) Drainage system does not work well enough to prevent damages from small amounts of rain. We have had several displaced tenants due to flood and water damage.

3.) Apartments that have flooded and been vacated are left open and unattended, allowing children access to unsafe materials and properties.

4.) Maintanence work orders are going unfilled due to lack of hired help.

5.) The childrens play area, recently removed due to severe injury, is no longer available for children of tenants to play on.

6.) As promised by Online website located at:http://www.apartments.com, the fitness rooms are in need of repair and contain only one working device in each room.

7.) As promised by website, Saunas are available, however have not been repaired and are unusable by tenants.

8.) Scheduled repairs and maintanence orders are not followed through, for example, scheduled carpet cleans and scheduled pest control appointments.

We, the tenants located at Willowick Gardens, 6880 w. Fairfield Dr. Pensacola, Florida, 32506, do request that management of said property review items listed above and act upon them in a timely manner.

We, as tenants, have agreed to do our part as tenants and abide by rules listed in our perspective leases, and have agreed as a community to pull together to improve the living conditions of our environment. We stand united to ask management of said property to make a community contribution and put forth the effort to make our community a pleasurable atmosphere, safe from harm and neighborly.

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