#Animal Rights
Jean Chretien

We the petitioners believe that legislation prohibiting squirrels from free movement in public spaces is immoral and unconstitutional. Denying access to certain parks or city sections cannot be justified under any circumstances. Furthermore, practices that prejudice certain squirrel breeds over others based on the colour of one's fur or the bushiness of one's tail are similarly repugnant to right-thinking mammals. All squirrels have the God-given right to the nuts of the trees, and should not be reduced to the less savoury, second-rate nuts of lesser trees only because of the dictates of humankind.

To Prime Minister Jean Chretien,

We the petitioners demand that the Canadian government immediately put an end to all legislation unfairly restricting squirrel movement in public places, in addition to all laws discriminating against squirrels and particular squirrel breeds.

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The Put an End to Restrictions on Squirrel Movement petition to Jean Chretien was written by Gerry Pulloutacandle and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.