#Human Rights
Milliken Speciality Woollen Products
United Kingdom

Facts; Trevor Hall has been a workplace trade union representative at Milliken, Cam, UK for 7 years. Trevor Hall has been a very effective rep. He has negotiated annual wage rises worth 20% in total, extra holiday and in the last 2 years alone he has supported colleagues in over 100 disciplinary cases.

Trevor has raised equalities issues with management at Milliken, asking for equal treatment of Women and Disabled People.

His union, the Transport and General Workers Union, believe he has been sacked on unproven charges of bullying in order to remove him from trade union duties.

We the undersigned petition for the
reinstatement of trade union representative Trevor Hall to his job at Milliken, Cam, Gloucestershire, UK.
We believe Trevor has been singled out because of his trade union activities. We support the Justice for Hall
campaign and the right of working people around the world to organise under trade unions and be protected by union workplace representatives
like Trevor Hall.

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