Wisconsin Courts
United States of America

April 9, 2001

John Maloney was wrongfully convicted of killing his wife in 1999. There is compelling evidence that her death was accidental and no crime was committed in the first place. Unfortunately, neither the jury nor the judge heard this evidence.

John Maloney's lawyer had a movie deal in his pocket, so he deliberately ignored and suppressed this evidence in order to follow the script of the movie.

John Maloney sits in prison to promote the careers of the prosecutor and his own lawyer. This petition will be used for two purposes: to gain public support over the Internet and elsewhere, and to specifically request the same judge who sentenced him--and who was denied full information--to give him a new trial. John Maloney and everyone else that believes in him, wants his name cleared of this mockery of justice.

Please read the facts at http://johnmaloney.org and sign this petition to show your support. And always remember "An INJUSTICE anywhere, is a threat to JUSTICE everywhere!" We hope to put a stop to injustice in Green Bay, Wisconsin and throughout the country.

By signing this petition you are saying: I support a new trial for John Maloney so that the complete evidence
surrounding the death of Sandra Maloney can be presented.

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