Forbidden Love is the shocking testimony to the courage and strength of women who are prepared to defy generations of male dominance. Dalia was a young muslim girl living with her family in Amman, Jordan when she unexpectedly fell in love with Michael, a major in the royal army, and a catholic. For a Muslim woman, any relationship with a catholic man is forbidden, and Dalia was only to aware that flouting this rule could cost her her life.

Norma Khouri's Book is a gift to the memory of her friend and a powerful love story that ends in an appaling tragedy. It is also an attempt to bring to the worlds attention the continuating practice of Honour Killings in Jordan - an ancient tradition that encourages the murder of woman who are believed to have brought to dishonour to thier families. Today, it is still a crime that effectively goes unpunished.

To Transworld ( the publishers of "Forbidden Love" ) please place the book back on the shelves to help stop honour killings.
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