#Human Rights
The Canadian Federal Government of Social Affairs

This petition was started by teenagers in Ontario. They had been given an assignment to study women's rights in the world and were disgusted by their findings. They feel that it is Canada's role as a leading nation to show that it really cares about these situations.

Todays's society is too enravelled with their own affairs and we believe that it is time for change. Hopefully with this petition, it will further interest citizens of Canada to look into this issue, and see for themeselves the terrible situation that is and has been occuring in the third world for many years. There were no girls in the group that started this petition, so it is not an act of feminism.

In Jordan about half of the population of the Jordanian woman there are being abused. No matter where these woman turn they are most likely to get sexually, verbally or physically abused.

Average monthly income for males in both the public and private sectors is much higher than that of females, while the unemployment rate among men is 14%, compared to 22% among women.

Help Queen Noor in her battle for the equality of women in Jordan and the rest of the developing world.

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