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1. The Government of Alberta should fund IVF treatments

Hi everyone,

I am starting this petition due to a major personal concern. I have always been a very positive person who would instantly see obstacles as challenges that would make me grow as a human being. For the past 4 years, my husband and I have been facing infertility problems. In 2015, we tried IVF treatment at the Regional Fertility clinic here in Calgary. Unfortunately, the treatment wasn’t successful. That experience was extremely painful because I was so optimistic throughout the whole process that I didn’t think that there was a possibility that it could fail. As a result, I became bitter about life in general and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t become the mom that I always wanted to be.

As you probably know, fertility treatments are extremely expensive. The price range goes from 7-12K for one treatment. Many couples go to more than one treatment before they are finally able to conceive.

Instead of being frustrated about this situation, I decided to be proactive and to do everything that it takes to make my biggest wish possible. I would like you to sign this petition to put pressure on the Albertan government to fund IVF treatments. The percentage of couples facing infertility problems is substantial! (1 out of 6 couples in Alberta). I refuse to be passive about this and I feel that I can do something to give hope to women like me who just don't want to give up on being mothers. Funding IVF has been on the Government of Alberta's agenda for years but no concrete actions have been taken. Please help me make my dreams and other couples' dreams come true.

Mr Mike Ellis, MLA of West Calgary has agreed to meet with me to discuss this situation. It a first step and I truly hope that the final result will be positive for myself and my husband, as well as for other couples.

From a hopeful future mom,

2. Support IVF4BC

1 in 6 Canadian couples, of childbearing age, struggle to conceive. Infertility affects thousands of women and men across our Country. It is a medical condition that can leave us feeling isolated, confused, heartbroken and helpless.

78% of British Columbians agree that infertility treatments should be publicly funded. Infertility is a serious medical condition that affects both male and female partners.

Although treatments are often successful, it can take numerous cycles to achieve a positive result. These treatments are both physically/emotionally demanding and expensive.

The average cost for in vitro fertilization treatments is between $5800-$8000, not including the additional several thousand dollars for required medication.

Please sign this petition and help advocate for those with this serious medical condition trying to build a family.

3. Increase the number of IVF / fertility treatments available on the NHS

Infertility. As if the diagnosis isn't hard enough to handle, you have no idea how you're going to pay for your treatments.

To a young woman, becoming a mom seems normal and, perhaps, inevitable. Yet here you sit, physically unable to get pregnant on your own, and financially unable to do anything about it.

Having a baby is a gift money should not have to buy! And instead can cost anywhere between £3000 and £8000 in the UK and that's an average.

Please help by signing. I know it's hard to imagine what it feels like but please put yourself in the situation many of these couples/single people have worked so hard in life and now cannot achieve the most rewarding natural greatest pleasure and honour in life. Many thanks.

4. Every woman has the right to be a mother

This petition is to get the UK Government to review its policy on NHS funded IVF for women without children. Every woman has the right to be a mother and denying anybody this right for any reason quite simply is wrong and must be changed.

I am writing this petition on behalf of my partner, I am a 32 year old former RAF Airman and my partner is a 30 year old former Royal Navy Wren. I have a child with a former partner and recently my current partner of 3 years has been diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis. In addition to this her fallopian tubes are damaged to the point where natural conception is impossible.

Upon approaching the NHS regarding the options available to us we were informed that NHS funded IVF was unavailable as I have a child already and there are no grounds for appeal. The fact that my partner has no children is not even a consideration, something which is completely wrong. My having a child (who is not even resident with us) should have no bearing what so ever on her right to be a mother (something which she desires more than anything in the world). For both of us to have served our country and to be refused this help is completely unacceptable and is something which needs to be changed not just for us but for all women within the UK who have not been fortunate enough to have had children.

This may not affect you personally but it could affect people you know. This is not a cause or a quest it is the right for all women in the UK who do not have children to be supported by the health care mechanism that we all pay for to be there in our time of need.

SHARE this page and support the childless women of this country.

5. Review the IVF Selection Criteria and make it Fairer

In June 2011 Criteria changed for IVF. Anyone who has been in a relationship for less than three years, is not allowed to have NHS Funded IVF.

We need you help to change it back.

6. IVF Medication on the PBS Scheme

We the undersigned are requesting the Government to place IVF Medication on to the PBS Scheme.

7. Protect Family Building Rights in Arizona

On behalf of the more than 100,000 women and men in Arizona who are contending with infertility, please help us oppose SB 1306 and SB 1307 because they will make infertility treatment less available and less effective. We urge Arizona residents to turn up the volume to let your Representatives know that you oppose these anti-family bills.

SB 1306
Instead of banning egg donation directly, the bill takes a more indirect route. It imposes unprecedented and unnecessary informed consent requirements. The penalties are severe: if a physician does not follow the new rules to the letter, he could wind up losing his license to practice medicine, being convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor (the most serious class), and face 6 months in prison.

SB 1306 also casts other common medical practices into question: Will physicians be allowed to freeze and thaw eggs for preservation, a common practice? Can physicians screen for genetic defects? Can new specialists and embryologists be trained? The physicians in the infertility practices believe these practices will no longer be legal. Physicians will no longer treat patients who need egg donation as a means to build their families in Arizona, driving these couples out of state to seek treatment.

SB 1307
The second bill, SB 1307, also contains provisions that threaten infertility patients, mainly through vague terms that make it unclear what treatments doctors can safely perform and which ones could land them in jail. Most flagrantly, this bill could forbid embryo cryopreservation (freezing) – which would dramatically alter how reproductive medicine is practiced and would cause harm and hardship to patients.

The bill makes it criminal to harm an embryo in the course of "nontherapeutic research" -- but leaves it very unclear whether ordinary IVF embryology lab techniques could be classified as such illegal research. The penalty for harming an embryo is steep: a minimum of 6 months in prison, and up to 1.5 years. The point of the legislation – to make it undesirable to practice reproductive medicine in Arizona and to drive the doctors and clinics out.

“The medical community working in this field strongly believes that [SB 1307] would prohibit:

• Practices that allow embryologists to screen embryos for genetic disease. Some genetic conditions can actually be removed from an embryo prior to transfer.

• Practices such as Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis that select only healthy embryos from genetically challenged couples, avoiding miscarriage and health risks.

• Screening to select only the most viable embryos for transfer allowing doctors to transfer one or two embryos. This reduces the need for multiple embryos that lead to high-order multiples and premature birth."

With a class 6 felony and loss of license to practice, no physician in Arizona would dare take that chance. They would no longer be able to help Arizona couples have families. These unintended consequences will drive businesses out of Arizona, and force couples seeking this treatment to go elsewhere [if they can].

Please sign this petition to let the AZ legislators know you oppose these bills.

8. Axe the postcode lottery

I am 28 i suffered a ectopic pregnancy a few years ago and through that i have one missing fallopian and one blocked and my partner has low sperm count we have had one try on the nhs of icsi that failed then we were told more or less to go away or pay 3,500 for treatment knowing people are meant to have three tries on the nhs but local pcts are not sticking to this.

9. Help Obtain Infertility Treatment Coverage For British Columbians

A Canadian's 'Prayer' for Infertility Awareness

Everyday, over a half million Canadians are grieving. It's not the same grief you feel when you lose a loved one, it doesn't get better with time. For those dealing with Infertility, grief reverses, time doesn't heal all pain, it increases. Infertility is a disease of the body that becomes an illness of the heart, the mind. It becomes so emotionally crippling that just being with other family members or out in public can become devastating. It is a silent disease; there are no brave voices to stand up for us. Everyday we are faced with ignorance: people unaware they're making hurtful comments and giving meaningless advice, politicians promising help for families and those needing healthcare but leaving those behind who have a hurdle between them and a loving family and being refused public healthcare for treatment of a devastating health condition.

Because our disease is rejected as being something medically necessary, it also becomes a disease of finances for low and middle income 'families' (though that statement should read 'households', since we are denied a family). This is a disease, not an aesthetic problem; it is a tear in the fabric of life! All living things are on this earth for the sole purpose of giving life, passing on genes. All our behaviours are set up to create a family.

Just like wolf without a pack, those who crave family suffer alone, and lost without the love of the many generations a family can provide. In nature, if you don't reproduce, you die. In our world, if you don't reproduce, you'd better have a big pocketbook or you'll suffer a long life of hopelessness.

Our 'prayer' is that society will take notice and reach out a helping hand to treat this disease as a whole. We need funding so that specialists can work with our family physicians to give the best care possible, just like any other condition is treated through our health care system. We need grief counselling to cope through this emotionally taxing process. We need the support of communities, we need education and awareness. I believe everyone has a right to have a family, not just based on financial status or a disease free body. Our 'prayer' is that you will help us.

10. End the postcode lottery for Oxfordshire residents

End the postcode lottery for Oxfordshire residents when it comes to IVF funding and to ensure that current guidelines for IVF funding are adhered to by Oxfordshire PCT.

NICE clearly state in their guidelines for fertility;

“Couples in which the woman is aged 23-39 years at the time of treatment and who have an identified cause for their fertility problems (such as azoospermia or bilateral tubal occlusion) or who have infertility of at least 3 years’ duration should be offered up to three stimulated cycles of in vitro fertilization treatment.”

Unfortunately, many PCT’s do not adhere to this, leaving many couples facing a tough financial commitment or the bleak possibility of having to wait until they are old enough to meet the PCT’s criteria. Whereas some PCT’s do not offer funding for treatment at all.

Please note: Waiting for treatment reduces a women’s fertility rate.

It seems that funding for IVF is not given on the basis of fairness, but on where you live.

For example, if you are in Coventry, your local PCT will follow nice guidelines, however in Oxford your PCT use their own rules making you wait until 35 years old. At this age success per cycle drops to only 23.6% (HFEA 2006).

This discrimination is unacceptable as National Health Insurance is not dependant on where you live, so why should healthcare be?

Former Secretary of State for Health, Dr John Reid, said that he wanted “all PCTs, including those who at present provide no IVF treatment, to offer at least one full cycle of treatment to all those eligible. In the longer term I would expect the NHS to make progress towards full implementation of the Nice guidance”. His deadline for this was April 2005, but little has changed

All I am asking for is - End the postcode lottery for Oxfordshire residents when it comes to IVF funding and ensure that current guidelines for IVF funding are adhered to by Oxfordshire PCT.

11. IVF coverage in Alberta

If you have children, imagine your life without them....

Imagine you have always wanted children and then are told one day you can't conceive. Then imagine, they say you CAN have a child. Your own, there is a way. BUT..... they only way to make this happen is to PAY. Imagine you don't have that kind of money.

Now what do you do? SUFFER, because our government doesn't care and will not help you. You can always adopt but that costs 20,000 and up and the waiting list is usually 2 yrs or more.

Approximately 13% of Canadian couples experience infertility and are not able to conceive a child.

IVF is a medical procedure that allows fertilization to be done outside of the body. It has been carried out since 1978 to help couples have children. OHIP coverage for IVF will be extended to those Ontario residents with documented evidence of completely blocked fallopian tubes. Such coverage provides for a maximum of three complete IVF treatment cycles in a lifetime, At about $7000 each.

Do you know.. The BC government will PAY FOR YOU TO GET A SEX CHANGE. Thousand of dollars too.... But if you are infertile and want to have a baby and live in ALBERTA you are out of luck, unless you have an extra $10,000 lying around. You have to be an Ontario resident to have this covered by health care. It is absurd that the government will spend millions of dollars on cloning research, but will not actually help people with a MEDICALLY DIAGNOSED problem so they can start a family of their own. We did not plan to become infertile, just like you dont plan to get in a car accident, or fall off a ladder at work but those things are covered.

Please sign the petition and help so many women that are in desperate need of funding to have a chance at experiencing motherhood. What we are here to do naturally.

12. Stop the Postcode Lottery in the NHS

I will start by saying why I have started this petition. We needed IVF treatment but because where we live we can only get NHS to fund this in 3-years time, but if we lived 10 miles down the road we could have treatment in less then 18 months.

This is not just with IVF but other treatment as well, cancer, medication and so much more.

If we take the stand and say enough then maybe they will listen. It should not matter where we live, treatment should be the same, this is a National Health Service not a District Health Service.

13. Lower IVF Fees

After having to undergo IVF treatment earlier this year my husband and I have gone through thousands and thousands of dollars trying to achieve our dream of a family.

The fees we have paid are totally ridiculous and are even more so ridiculous for those who cannot afford private health cover.

Did you know that some clinic's are:

Charging up to $ 9,000 up front ? ..

NOT using MEDICARE SAFETY NET items numbers on some procedures (eg frozen embryo transfers)

It is not only couples from the CITY who are suffering spare a thought for our COUNTRY counterparts who have to travel for hours, stay in motels for a few days or a week/s at a time to receive the treatment they need to fulfill their dreams ...