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This petition is to get the UK Government to review its policy on NHS funded IVF for women without children. Every woman has the right to be a mother and denying anybody this right for any reason quite simply is wrong and must be changed.

I am writing this petition on behalf of my partner, I am a 32 year old former RAF Airman and my partner is a 30 year old former Royal Navy Wren. I have a child with a former partner and recently my current partner of 3 years has been diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis. In addition to this her fallopian tubes are damaged to the point where natural conception is impossible.

Upon approaching the NHS regarding the options available to us we were informed that NHS funded IVF was unavailable as I have a child already and there are no grounds for appeal. The fact that my partner has no children is not even a consideration, something which is completely wrong. My having a child (who is not even resident with us) should have no bearing what so ever on her right to be a mother (something which she desires more than anything in the world). For both of us to have served our country and to be refused this help is completely unacceptable and is something which needs to be changed not just for us but for all women within the UK who have not been fortunate enough to have had children.

This may not affect you personally but it could affect people you know. This is not a cause or a quest it is the right for all women in the UK who do not have children to be supported by the health care mechanism that we all pay for to be there in our time of need.

SHARE this page and support the childless women of this country.

We the undersigned call on the UK Government and NHS to review and change its policy on NHS funded IVF for all UK women who do not have children, regardless of circumstance.

It is every woman’s right to be a mother. Help us change this injustice.

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