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Infertility. As if the diagnosis isn't hard enough to handle, you have no idea how you're going to pay for your treatments.

To a young woman, becoming a mom seems normal and, perhaps, inevitable. Yet here you sit, physically unable to get pregnant on your own, and financially unable to do anything about it.

Having a baby is a gift money should not have to buy! And instead can cost anywhere between £3000 and £8000 in the UK and that's an average.

Please help by signing. I know it's hard to imagine what it feels like but please put yourself in the situation many of these couples/single people have worked so hard in life and now cannot achieve the most rewarding natural greatest pleasure and honour in life. Many thanks.

We the undersigned call on the government to take action to increase the number of IVF/fertility treatment cycles available on the NHS to couples/persons struggling to conceive naturally.

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