#Human Rights
The Ummah

Muslims are an Ummah (a civilization) whose unity is expressed by the Khiafah (Islamic Government). We believe that current leadership in the Muslim world is corrupt; King Fahd, Musharaf, Mubarik & thier likes need to be removed.

The Muslim Lands, resources and armies need to be reunited. The Shariah needs to be established. The time for khilafah is NOW! We demand Muslims be given self-determination and we demand we choose our own leaders, we choose are own representatives.

Muslims have a right to live by the Islamic way of life.

We, Muslims of this Ummah, believe that it is our God given trust to establish the Islamic way of life in which Muslims can freely live in an Islamic astmosphere with out any fear.

"Allah promises those who believe and take right course of action that he will give them khilafah..." (Surah Noor:55)
"After imperialsim, then there will be khilafah on the footsteps of the Prophet" (hadith)

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