#Animal Rights
Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Prime Minister
United Kingdom

The following petition will be delivered to the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair to illustrate the strong feeling held by the British Public on the subject of hunting with dogs.

It is important that the Government is reminded that there is a large majority of people supporting the Government's Hunting Bill and that a complete and total ban on hunting with dogs is desired.

Without Government support, this popular and successful Bill will be beaten. We now have a real chance to end this cruelty. Please sign our petition.

We the undersigned are opposed to the cruel and barbaric activity of hunting wild animals with dogs. We call on the Government to ensure that the present "Hunting Bill" is fully supported in the 2001/2 parliamentary session and that hunting with dogs is banned as quickly as possible.

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The Ban Hunting With Dogs petition to Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Prime Minister was written by Heath Thompson and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.