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1. Vote NO HB157 and HB429 NO to Loopholes Minimizing Patient Care and Choice

Opposition of HB157 and HB429

The above bills will provide loopholes allowing physicians to own and profit from physical therapy services. Proponents of the bill are trying to create a loophole to overturn Missouri's 30+year standing as having the gold standard of anti-POPTS in state law.

Self- referral of physical therapy services creates an inappropriate incentive to refer services in- house , thus limiting patient choice. The General Accountability Office (GAO) found that physicians showed a sharp increase in referral rates for physical therapy services when they switch to a self-referral practice model, further increasing profits for the physician.

Physician owned physical therapy services adds risk to patient choice, and underutilization of therapy services. In some cases, there are bundled payments and if physicians ow own the physical therapy services , they are able to profit from limiting the number of visits a patient can have . Less visits to therapy mean the physician can keep more money.

Opposition to these bills means better quality care for the patient. Physical therapist's want to work with Physicians , NOT for physicians. Practicing physical therapists have the skills and expertise to manage patient's physical therapy so that they have good, cost effective care with outstanding results.

Please take the time to contact your local state senator and representative to encourage them to VOTE NO on HB 157 and HB429.

Find your REP here by entering your zip code:

2. Help us bring bulk billing MRI to Gippsland!

Baw Baw Radiology is a locally owned family business that opened in June 2016. We are a fully comprehensive clinic with a brand new, state of the art, 'wide bore' MRI.
We are trying to Convince the federal government to give us a medicare license to be able to bulk bill all eligible MRI scans.

We have a patient pool of 200,000 and cover a large rural area between Berwick and Traralgon. Currently patients are having to travel large distances, and sometimes waiting weeks to get access to a rebatable scanner.

We have all of the facilities here, and would like the community to help encourage the government to make our scanner 100% bulk billed for our locals.

3. Washington wants fair Health care

MultiCare sends patients who should income-qualify for financial assistance to collections.

According to the Affordable Care Act, non-profit hospitals like MultiCare are required to inform patients about financial assistance and must take all "reasonably available measures" to avoid sending someone who would qualify for financial assistance to collections.

4. Make Palomar Hospital a VA Hospital

Early 2015 the Board of Governors voted to close Palomar Hospital the down town campus.

This facility was being put to good use educating and serving as another logistical point of immediate access. In the Boards view it was to expensive to operate therefore hemoraging money.

It is due time to create another VA Health center to accommodate veterans who cannot travel all the way to Oceanside and La Jolla, and provide overall relief in wait times, while boosting the local economy and serving those who sacrificed so much for us to enjoy the freedoms we have.

5. Nominate Edhi for Nobel Peace Prize

We request Government of Pakistan to nominate Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi for Nobel Peace Prize.

Edhi is a world renowned philanthropist and a founder of Edhi Trust that provides the biggest ambulance service in the world. Edhi provides free medical services in disaster struck areas within and outside Pakistan regardless of religion, color and race.

His highest virtue apart from his free services in providing health care, education, boarding and funeral services to weak and needy is his defiance to radical groups that expect him to limit his unconditional assistance on ideological divide lines and support for women's empowerment.

Edhi's efforts have been acknowledged by the Government of Pakistan that has bestowed its highest civil award to him.

6. Healthcare Campaign: Injured workers deserve actual healthcare

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has shifted the way it funds healthcare to the 200,000 people injured at work every year in Ontario.

Instead of properly funding healthcare to help injured workers get back to work and deal with physical and psychological injuries, the WSIB spends millions to hire assessors that predict recovery dates so they can end claims.

The result is devastating to injured workers and their families.

7. Protect Injured Workers' Healthcare; Vote No on PA House Bill 1846

There is currently legislation in the Pennsylvania Senate that marks a new government assault on the doctor-patient relationship.

Already passed by the state House and a Senate committee, House Bill 1846 only allows the first physician treating a workers’ compensation patient after his or her injury to dispense no more than a 7 to 20 day supply of medications, depending on the type of medication prescribed.

This legislation will effectively stop physician dispensing of all prescriptions to their worker’s compensation patients, which would be devastating to their recovery.

The paperwork and litigation typically involved in workers compensation cases can cause pharmacies to delay filling a script to the detriment of a patient’s health. Physicians, however, are able to dispense these medications immediately so patients can start their treatment right away and therefore recover faster.

Filling and re-filling prescriptions through pharmacies is another issue -- a recent study by the National Community Pharmacists Association showed that between 20 and 30 percent of people surveyed did not fill or refill a prescription from a pharmacy on time. This is simply not an issue when physicians can dispense crucial medication.

We cannot allow the state government to determine patients’ medical needs. In addition, if this bill becomes law, what will the government try to regulate next?

8. Allow Women Healthcare After Being Attacked

In March of 2014, a law has become effective in Michigan that has banned insurance coverage for abortions in private health plans unless the client purchases a separate rider.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, eight states have passed laws similar to this but only two have made these separate riders available. This also increases the cost of an abortion, which now ranges anywhere between $300-$10,000.

These laws send a message to any victim that it is essentially their fault - that they should have anticipated their attack and its aftermath.

9. Stop the Mandatory Prescription Healthcare Program

The working Poor of New Brunswick should NOT be forced to pay outrageous premiums ($68.00 per Adult per Month) which we cannot afford for a prescription drug program that is being forced upon us by the Government of New Brunswick.

The Government that is forcing this program upon us is threatening to fine us $2,500.00 for NOT complying to their orders that we pay premiums that we feel are not necessary.

10. Health insurance for the real needy people

There are too many people who are living off the system, who are capable of working, that get free heath care, while there are people who hold jobs that do not qualify, even those who have worked their entire life and have become disabled.

We want to petition that health insurance be provided for the people who worked or earned their right to get help from our country not just provided to those who live off the system without learning the responsibility of a hard days work. This comes from families that have been denied state health coverage because their gross income is above poverty level, but never really taken in to account that these families spend out most of their income to raise their families, whether they are biological, adopted, foster families, grandparents or other kin raising families.

The income bar is set too low for families who need care to meet unless they become unemployed and even then we do not get help in most cases. The insurance that is approved for these individuals is not accepted by over ninety percent of providers in Florida. The deductibles are too high to meet to be approved monthly.

11. People deserve to be treated for STDs

The City of Tyler Has very limited access to medical treatment of STD's. Clinics, Hospitals, and Public assistance organizations Deny treatment for STDs if you don't have money to pay up front.....

12. Enact: The Moorehead Family Humanity in Healthcare Act of Georgia

This bill is about the reduction of risks and building of trust; it has been written as a means to ensure that Medical Professionals receive crisis management and anger management training.

This bill will also mandate that medical professionals take a Hippocratic Oath once a year, as to combat the often callous nature of some people who work in medicine. This bill also mandates a few other things like: the use of treatment plans, and using respectful language with patients. Our daughter recently lost her life, and most of the medical staff surrounding her at her death were panicked, angry or callous. They had forgotten their medical training because they were not trained on how to handle themselves emotionally in a crisis.

I can't say if she would have lived if her medical staff would have been emotionally in control of themselves, but I can say her odds would have been better. The entire bill can be found online at:

13. Support a safe Telemetry Technician patient ratio

A regulation should be enacted to ensure a safe a patient telemetry technician ratio. With no guideline in place a technician may watch as many patients as the facility holds. As a Telemetry Technician of over ten years I can attest to my senses becoming overwhelmed at fifty plus patients.

When your senses become overstimulated a person may simply silence an alarm to eliminate the noise and disregard the patients ectopy.

A recommendation of a technician patient ratio of 1:48 would create quality care for future patients. No arrhythmia should be missed due to technician burnout.

14. Air "The Determinators" during prime time hours before November 6, 2012

This film provides incredibly important insight into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the political philosophy from which it sprang, and its inevitable results.

15. Like my Vote: Allow voting on facebook for the presidential election

Facebook is the most used social network on the world wide web today with an average of approximately 1.01 Billion users per month. It's used to advertise, reconnect with family and friends as well as campaign for any political office.

Why not go one step further and allow the American people to cast the vote on Voting day via Facebook. You can pay bills, watch, television, go to school and so many other things via the Internet, why not make it easy for someone to cast their vote for their candidate via a secure app on Facebook.

There are so many Facebook users that would love to vote but for various reasons may not be able to physically get out to do it. Facebook would give them that chance. Facebook was flooded during the presidential debates. Imagine if every one of those users were able to cast their vote and really take part of their American Right. The turnout would be tremendous. The American voice would definitely be heard.

16. Women Take Texas

$138 million dollars taken from women's healthcare, teens cut off from contraception, 53 low income clinics across the state closed, and healthcare dollars funneled to crisis pregnancy centers that don't offer healthcare - this is your legacy.

Gov. Perry, you can't tell us that a state that is number one in business can't also be number one in women's healthcare. Restore the federal dollars for women's healthcare and reinstate Planned Parenthood in the Women's Health Program - today.

Don't let your legacy be one of shame.

17. Save Natural Healthcare

This petition aims to positively influence the approach the European Commission is taking in its efforts to regulate Complementary and Alternative Medicine across the 27 Member States of Europe.

Disproportionate, poorly thought-through legislation represents the single greatest threat to natural health care in the European Union.

Standards of education and training being proposed.
by the European Commission in its efforts to regulate Complementary and Alternative Medicine across the 27 Member States of Europe

The threshold entry route to the register will be through a Bachelor degree with Honours which is comparable to the majority of other medical professions.

Entry to the register may also be possible through possession of an appropriate Masters degree; this is consistent with other professions including physiotherapy, radiography and occupational therapy.
Overseas qualifications will need to be considered separately

We agree that some standards of training and practice should be applied, but to demand that a hairdresser, who is giving an Indian Head Massage must have Bachelor degree with Honours as a minimum qualification to do so is ludicrous.

EU Medicines Directive

“The loaded gun that can turn foods and supplements into illegal drugs”

Official reference: Directive 2001/83/EC, as amended, including Directive 2004/27/EC
30 April 2011, the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) came into force

EU Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation
“The greatest infringement on freedom of speech on foods - ever?”
Official reference: Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, and amending acts

This is a legal framework for health claims that bans all general function claims on commercial foods. Covers claims in all media, including the written and spoken word, websites, pictorial representations and video
other than those approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

There has never been a more important time for you to let your elected representatives,
both in the European Parliament and your own local politicians, know just how you feel.

Together We Can Save Natural Healthcare

Sign the petition now so that the Irish Government, European Commission and the European governments, are able to Hear how you feel about your rights to natural healthcare.

18. Show me the formula in Algebra that saves a LIFE!

Hello my name is Barbi Watts, I’m a R.M.A. and have been a nurse for twenty-one years. I work in the field of cardiology. I have returned to college after twenty-one years to achieve my RN & P.A.

Upon going back to college the course structure had changed. I was forced to take another Government, ALGEBRA, and Creative writing, and passed all of them however…I have to ask the question, WHY DO I HAVE TO TAKE ALGEBRA TO BE A NURSE?

Yes, we will need to know formulas, I understand that. When will I ever find the y-intercept on a patients chart? When will I need to know the slope point formula to document anything in a chart? Having to take a government class….. Because I’m not going to school to be a Politician, I’m going to school to become a Physician Assistan, to save lives!

The ANSWER I got was these classes give you a well-rounded education. I want to make a big change nationwide and I need everybody’s help. I’m not a political person at all, I live, eat, and breathe nursing, it’s what I know it’s what I do. I have to give credit to Michelle Obama for making the changes in schools for healthier eating. That was awesome!

If a well-rounded education includes math, algebra, science, English, arts, music, home economics (cooking, sewing), driving education etc…..

What is wrong with making CPR and First Aid mandatory!! The class could be a two day class now, how much have we sacrificed of the students? In High School a junior/senior and a college student. Just think if everyone by the time they graduated was able to perform basic CPR and First Aid, now that’s rounding the education .How many automobile accidents happen to students in high school, would have been able to save their friends life, or at least keep them stable. And the student that comes home to their parent having chest pain and they collapse? A chocking victim eating dinner out somewhere,? If we had a little bit of healthcare everywhere the world would be better off would it not? Think about the students on the football field and their buddy’s notice the symptoms of a stroke even if the coach do not, that’s the kind of stuff I’m trying to say here. How many accidents happen in the college dorms that lives could be saved? A high school graduating class in a large city of (A) 2000 students, multiply that by (B) thousands of cities, and compare that to the number of (C) =deaths that happen every day that could have been prevented, simply because there was no one who knew how to do simple 1st Aid or CPR till the EMS arrived, or just simply revived them.

If you calculate the numbers above A*B=C anyway you look at it would be a positive number if we made the change!!!
When my petition has enough signatures, it’s going to become a proposal and then a bill; I’m going to all the way to the floor of the White House. Knowing how to save lives should be mandatory.

19. Terminate Healthcare Benefits for Federally Elected/Appointed Officials

Regarding attempts to overturn the Healthcare Reform Bill.

20. Tell Speaker Boehner: Defund Obamacare Now!

A ‘Judas Moment’, that's what some are calling Justice John Roberts great betrayal of America’s trust when he cast his lot with the liberals to uphold Obamacare.

‘Ten pieces of silver’ or not, Robert’s ruling for Obamacare is a total disaster. It must be stopped!

Our elected leaders must reject Obamacare at every turn until the day voters plunge a wooden stake through the heart of this unconstitutional monstrosity.

We appreciate Speaker Boehner's willingness to vote again on the full repeal of ObamaCare. But there is more we can do in Congress. It's called Defund Obamacare, and it won't cost the taxpayers a penny!

In Federalist No. 58, James Madison wrote that the “power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon ... for obtaining a redress of every grievance…”

21. Canadian nurses decry dismantling of health, social and environmental protections -- Les infirmières canadiennes décrient le démantèlement des programmes de protection sociale et environnementale de la santé

The federal government has moved quickly to pass Bill C-38, the omnibus budget implementation bill entitled the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act. Rather than ensure the sustainability of Canada’s social and environmental protections, this bill reduces funding and oversight. These reductions will only lead to larger and costlier problems for Canadians and their governments in the future. If passed, this legislation will, among other measures, reduce income security, shrink employment insurance, weaken investments in food safety and security, harm employment equity provisions, dismantle environmental regulation, and backtrack on climate-change policies.

Canadian nurses are sending a loud and clear message to the Conservative government: stop cutting Canada’s environmental, health and social systems.

As more than 800 registered nurses (RNs) gathered in Vancouver on June 18 for the Canadian Nurses Association’s (CNA) annual general meeting and biennial convention, they demanded action to halt the systemic dismantling of income security programs, environmental protection measures and investments in health. Assembled nurses urged Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of parliament to stop these cuts, which are fundamentally irresponsible and damaging to the health and wellness of Canadians.

CNA declared that RNs will speak out against these cuts, and that the association will support its members to protect the integrity of essential programs and the health of our nation.

CNA calls upon Canadian nurses, other healthcare providers, and members of the public to endorse CNA’s Declaration by signing this petition and asking others to sign!

(For more information or for interview requests, please contact Kate Headley, External Communications Coordinator, Canadian Nurses Association, telephone: 613-237-2159, ext. 561, cell: 613-697-7507, e-mail:

* * *

Le gouvernement fédéral a rapidement fait adopter le projet de loi C-38, le projet de loi omnibus sur la mise en œuvre du budget intitulé la Loi sur l’emploi, la croissance et la prospérité durable. Plutôt que d’assurer la durabilité des programmes de protection sociale et environnementale du Canada, ce projet de loi réduit le financement et la surveillance. Ces réductions budgétaires entraîneront seulement des problèmes plus importants et onéreux pour la population canadienne et ses gouvernements dans l’avenir. Si cette loi est adoptée, parmi d’autres mesures, elle réduira la sécurité du revenu, restreindra l’assurance-emploi, diminuera le financement dans la salubrité et la sécurité alimentaires, nuira aux dispositions sur l’équité en matière d’emploi, démantèlera le règlement sur l’environnement et reculera concernant les politiques sur les changements climatiques.

Les infirmières canadiennes envoient un message fort et clair au gouvernement conservateur : mettre fin aux réductions budgétaires à l’environnement et aux systèmes de santé et de services sociaux du Canada.

Alors que plus de 800 infirmières et infirmiers autorisés (IA) se rassemblent à Vancouver à l’occasion de l’assemblée générale et du congrès biennal de l’Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada (AIIC), on demande d’adopter une mesure qui permettra de mettre fin au démantèlement systématique des programmes de la sécurité du revenu, des mesures de protection environnementale et du financement de la santé. Les députés fédéraux et les sénateurs doivent cesser ces réductions budgétaires, qui sont profondément irresponsables et qui nuisent à la santé et au bien-être de la population canadienne.

L’AIIC a déclaré que les infirmières et infirmiers autorisés s’opposeront à ces réductions budgétaires dans les programmes et que l’association soutiendra ses membres afin de protéger l’intégrité des programmes essentiels et la santé de notre nation.

L’AIIC demande aux infirmières canadiennes, à d’autres fournisseurs de la santé et aux membres du public d’appuyer cette déclaration de l’AIIC en signant cette pétition et en sollicitant d’autres signatures!

(Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements ou prévoir une entrevue, communiquez avec Kate Headley, coordonnatrice des communications externes, Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada, tél. : 613-237-2159, poste 561, cell. : 613-697-7507, courriel :

22. The Valley has a Voice

Recently, the Texas Health and Human Service Commission has reinterpreted laws which now prohibit transporting children to appointments without the accompaniment of a legal guardian.

In addition, the new interpretations have ceased all free transportation services provided by providers. According to the US Census Bureau's American Community Service, Hidalgo and Cameron counties rank number 1 and number 2, respectively, as the poorest counites in all of Texas.

This, combined with the issue of a multitude of undocumented families, access to care under the new interpretations of the law are places major barriers on Valley families.

23. Replace ObamaCare with the American Healthcare Freedom Plan

ObamaCare caused health insurance to skyrocket from around $13,000 to now over $15,500 for family insurance with never-ending annual increases. Our take home pay is reduced by this amount and all of this money goes directly to Big Money Political Donor Insurance Companies.

Plus we pay out-of-pocket co-pays up to average deductible amounts of $1,000-$2,000. Sign the petition now to replace this broken system with our new "Citizen-Centered Platform of Solutions" that gives every citizen the "American Freedom Benefit Package."

If you help us and we win, just one of your many new benefits will be the American Healthcare Freedom Plan where we simply take up to $6,000 per individual and $12,000 per family away from the insurance companies and place it directly in your 100% Government Exempt Trust Fund that is never taxed and is fully inheritable. Then you can have a secure fund to cover all routine and preventative care expenses, and if you ever you reach your annual deductible your plan automatically converts to 100% insurance coverage.

All unused funds roll over to future years so you can build a huge TAX FREE Health Assurance Account (HAA) Trust Fund. One of the many magnificent benefits of this plan is that all accumulated funds above your annual deductible can be used for your personal needs.

Now instead of being forced to invest in risky and corrupt markets where average investors lose 30%-70% of our wealth every 8-13 years or save with banks that lend our own money to us a 4%-20% or more while giving us less than 1% on our savings we will now be able to invest in ourselves and our families. Now, we will be able to skip the banking middlemen and finance our own purchases from orthodontics and elective medical procedures to automobiles and home improvements to education costs to virtually all of our major life needs.

With your new benefit package you will be able to finance your own purchases from your pent up retirement and healthcare funds and repay yourself with interest. In the end you will own the things you need in life and when you repay your loans to yourself you will have tremendous wealth.

Our politicians voted to implement ObamaCare against the will of the people and before they even read the bill. Now we know that ObamaCare was 2,900 pages of political payoffs to Big Money donors that exacerbates all of the problems of our current system to make them worse. The AHFP solves all of the root problems in our current system to slash healthcare costs in every area. You will love our Total Citizen-Centered Platform that solves all of the major issues our country faces because we drastically decrease the costs of living while dramatically increasing the standard of living for every American Citizen. We also save taxpayers $2 Trillion annually with our total platform of solutions that ends deficit spending, pays off our national debt and brings solvency back to our local, state and federal budgets.

Sign our petition now so we can get to work for you, and then tell everyone you know to do the same. Go here for the complete details:

24. Abolish the death penalty in Florida

The death penalty has become time consuming, cost-inefficient and has had no clear effect on the deterrence of crime. In a time of economic recovery, the call to abolish a wasteful punishment is way past due.

It is time we stop allowing the government to put our budget in the death penalty and start putting it into education and health care.

25. Stop Racism In The Healthcare Industry - Equality in Nursing

Racism is on the rise. USA Government needs to take further steps to protect the rights of it citizens.



AID Kenya Foundation, a nonprofit, and humanitarian aid and development assistance charitable foundation in Kenya.

The foundation is working with local communities, and collaborative partners to build the Kitutu Community Resource Center to empower rural-urban orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), teenage girls/mothers, and in and out of school youth in the areas of education, health-care,sports, talent development, mentorship and vocational training.

Already, The Foundation, through the Humanitarian Aid & Development Assistance Program, supports hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children and teenage mothers to access educational opportunities, shelter, health-care and psychosocial support; It further supports many teenage girls to get regular supply of sanitary towels just keep them in school and increase their self esteem; Kenya is currently experiencing a societal breakdown, where in every household, there is a teen mum some at the age of 12 with a baby or two.

The Center shall cater for OVCs and teen mums from across Kenya, and will have an a Community Outreach Program.

As a matter of urgency, the Foundation is building the Kitutu Community Resource Center/Kitutu OVC Center, with the following objectives:

1. Teaching teenage mothers on motherhood, nutrition, parenting and reproductive health;

2. Rehabilitate teenage mothers involved in alcoholism, drug and substance abuse;

3. Offer vocational trainings like tailoring, hairdressing, computers and ICT, arts, and Embroidery;

4. Create awareness on dangers and risks of teenage motherhood, HIV/AIDS and STIs;

5. Provide quality health-care to both the mother and child;

6. Distribute sanitary towels and pampers to schools, homes, and in public;

7. Offer a back-to-school reintegration program to embrace formal education by providing scholarships;

8. Provide guiding and counseling and psychotherapy;and

9. Build self-esteem, confidence and courage.

The Center will also host the Kitutu OVC Center for the kids of teen mums and support those OVCs who are enrolled in public schools supplying kids with pens, pencils, shoes, back packs, books, crayons, etc.


For feed back or volunteer, partner or donate, contact, Tel. +254 729 32 44 29 or E-Mail: or < > or .

DREAM TEAM: The following is the Dream Team Managing and Coordinating the Project:

1. Armstrong Ongera, Jr.-Executive Director
2. Patricia Kadesa- Project Manager
3. Melissa Cheruiyoti- Corporate/PR/ Communications Manager
4.Seba Nyakundi-Program Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
5. Sheila Shinto- PA & Chief of Staff


1. MPESA-0729 32 44 29


AID Kenya Foundation
P. O. BOX 5956-00200

NOTE: A volunteer or supporter, can donate time, and expertise, in creating awareness about the Center, as well as mobilizing resources, or volunteering on the ground.


Any Voluntary Donations can be sent by WU or wire transfer to the following Bank Account:-

A/C No. : 082-1430151
Swift Code: BARCKENX
Branch: Haile Selassie Avenue,Nairobi,Kenya

27. Rare Disorders Support from Canadian Political Parties

Rare disorders affect about 1 in 12 persons, or 2.7 million Canadians. These people are Canada’s most vulnerable citizens and need your support. We are requesting that the political parties of Canada answer the following three questions on rare diseases in Canada.

Your name will be sent along with this petition to the political parties of Canada.

28. Oscar's Law for Better care for sick babies and children

I am creating this group in the hope that i can stop a very sad but very common situation occurring in many neonatal intensive care and pedeatric intensive care units across the country! The NHS unfortunately as we all know is a very sad state of affairs and budgeting is inevitably happening throughout but many doctors are now making life saving decisions based on the cost to the nhs rather than what they are there to do and that is if possible SAVE A LIFE!

Every parent that has ever had a very poorly child in an intensive care unit is most likely very aware of and possibly experienced themselves the heartbreaking reason i am creating this group and that is the negligent care given to my son during his 4 month stay on these such units due to lack of beds, budgeting and future cost to the NHS, resulting in us losing our little angel.

Before i tell you my storey i must state that this group is being created in regards to cost cutting in areas where it is desperately needed, And the treatment received once a doctor feels that there is no point in saving your child based on a DISABILITY! I am in no way slating intensive care and paediatric care units as a whole in fact these units do save lives and are a pure godsend to thousands of babies, children and their family's on a daily basis!

One of the main areas of concern is for that of premature baby's, a huge debate is under-way in the country on a regular basis as to weather a child should be saved as early as 23 weeks, but it seems that other areas around this topic are not being accessed like ways to prevent and detect early labour, ways to ensure adequate numbers of nurses on the wards and the main issue BEDs or COTs and the extreme lack of them resulting in hundreds of very sick babies being transported by ambulance to other hospital's when they are really not fit to travel! The majority of people see doctor's as people that you can trust and you trust a doctor with your child's life and in the majority of cases this is the case and thank god for these people but there are circumstances from within the NHS when parent's have found themselves pushed into a corner, bullied and untrusting in the doctor caring for there child due to the circumstances surrounding them and this is a very scary situation as when the only person that can save your child does not want your child to survive what do you do?

Although it is illegal for a doctor to remove care from a child without legal permission or a parent's permission unfortunately it does still happen and there is nothing you can do absolutely NOTHING as when a team of doctor's make a decision however against it you the parent's and the nurses caring for your child are, illegal actions can be taken and as long as this is covered in medical notes you have no way of proving it and living knowing that a group of doctor's are allowed to continue practising medicine after what they put your child through is a very hard thing to live with I live in hope that the government can stop sick children being shipped from hospital to hospital when they are to ill to be moved, for the government to provide better help and finances to the future of this World CHILDREN!

And for us the parent's to have more right as although legally we do, this unfortunately did not stop the doctor's in my case from a lot of deception and lies. So i am calling for all parents to have immediate access on a daily basis to their child's medical notes while in hospital and the right to have an advocate record all meetings when requested so no more deception can take place! Unfortunately i was refused this many many a time!

29. Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

The reason for outrageous medical cost in America is simple: Prohibitive Regulation = Prohibitive Cost.

Severe licensing restrictions orchestrated by doctors and enacted by legislators to limit competition have created a critical artificial shortage of doctors; and additional ludicrous, stifling regulation of all aspects of the medical industry has pushed the cost of medical services well beyond the financial means of much of the population.

30. Support HB1111- Collaborative Drug Therapy Management

Collaborative drug therapy management (CDTM) enables patients to receive optimal care by means of a team-based approach. Physicians and pharmacists can work together to ensure patients are meeting therapeutic goals. Currently, CDTM is allowed in hospitals and long-term care settings.

Indiana is one of only 6 states that limits CDTM to hospital-based sites. HB1111 would expand CDTM to all physician clinics under a physician-directed protocol. This would allow pharmacists to further assist physicians in managing chronic disease states, which allows physicians more time to focus on other patients. This provides patients with increased accessed to care. There is a public need for HB1111.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, 31% of Hoosiers had hypertension in 2009, 40% had high cholesterol in 2009, and the prevalence of diabetes increased by 12% from 2005 to 2009. Show your support and impact health care in Indiana!