#Human Rights
Members of the Congress of the Philippines

November 13, 2005

Dear healthcare workers, citizens of the Philippines, and concerned friends:

We encourage you to help us in the fight against a frightening "population control" bill that has been proposed in the Philippine Congress: House Bill 3773, "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005".

We want to make you aware of the alarming situation that it creates for medical professionals, devout members of all faiths, and anyone else who believes in the sanctity of human life in our country.

No doubt you are familiar with the agenda and tactics of the powerful political forces who support this bill. They offer the usual funding incentives from the UNFPA, and they use deceptive language to hide the truths and tout the great progress for "women's healthcare" and the benefits of "economic improvement". What they fail to mention is the destruction such a bill would wreak on families, the unborn, the medical industry, and perhaps even the Catholic Church -- here in a nation where children and family have always been treasured above everything else.

HB 3773 would impose a 2-child limit on Filipino families and unleash a policy of sterilization procedures and contraceptive distribution upon an unsuspecting public. It would be enforced by discrimination and punishments for those who have larger families or who try to resist its rules -- with costly fines, job loss and "blacklisting", jail sentences, and more. Imagine the unsettling scenarios for our healthcare workers under HB 3773:

- Nurses, doctors, technologists, and pharmacists must compromise their beliefs by distributing and forcing contraceptive devices and medications upon the public; otherwise, they risk their future healthcare employment. This includes abortifacient drugs, which actually violates our own constitution -- since human life is protected from the first moment of conception in the Philippines. Catholics, Muslims, and workers of all faiths will be gravely affected, with no way to conscientiously object.

- Workers will be forced to deceive innocent families who are faithful to the Church and its constant pro-life teachings. Imagine the horror of having to purposely sterilize unsuspecting women or men and deprive them of the possibility of ever bearing children!

- Thanks to the strong guidance and political influence of the Catholic Church, our AIDS rate is remarkably low compared to the rest of the world. But imagine what the spread of the "contraceptive mentality" will do to our people -- with the corresponding rise in AIDS that has been such a scourge in other nations, along with other sexually transmitted diseases. Try to envision the burden on our healthcare system and the fate of those victims in a country that does not have the economic advantages of those in the western world.

- The quality of healthcare will certainly suffer. Morale among workers will sag, and if a doctor or nurse is uneasy about performing certain ghastly procedures, he or she will be prone to more mistakes. In addition, adverse health effects and dangers will plague our citizens -- from the bodily and emotional risks of contraceptive drug use, IUDs, injectibles, sterilization procedures, and other harmful methods.

- Many brilliant medical minds might decide to leave the healthcare profession altogether (or choose not to enter it) rather than violate their own consciences every day. Under HB 3773, small families will get preferential treatment in terms of scholarships and large families will be discriminated against -- reducing the opportunities for faithful Catholics and Muslims in the medical field. Educators in medical schools must adhere to the dictates of HB 3773 in their teaching -- or else.

- And as you well know, the mainstream acceptance of this mentality ALWAYS leads to the legalization of outright abortion on demand. Imagine the horrifying plight of the Catholic Filipino doctor or technician who could be forced to take the life of unborn children one day! Abortion is thankfully illegal in our nation, but HB 3773 will be a huge step towards eliminating any protection for the unborn -- and for mothers-to-be.

This is not only a matter of protecting families from a Nazi-like policy of "population control", immorality, and health risks -- it is also an issue of religious freedom. It affects every aspect of daily life, and we shudder to think how it could impact the freedoms and rights of the Catholic Church and her ability to lead faithful believers. The time is short and the stakes are high. We are one of the last Christian strongholds in the world to have resisted the Culture of Death, and the proposition has stirred much outrage here. By exposing the deceit and educating as many citizens as possible about the dangers, we might have a chance to defeat it. If you agree that the situation is dire, please attach your name to the following petition AGAINST HB 3773 and forward this page to as many people as possible. The petition and names will be sent to our Filipino Congressmen on behalf of medical professionals, concerned citizens, and ALL people of faith -- Catholics, other Christians, and Muslims alike. The congressmen have been bombarded with misinformation, and many are being led astray.

Help them to realize the danger that HB 3773 poses to our people, particularly Catholics and healthcare workers. Let them know that the world is watching and that knowledgeable, highly-respected Christians both here and abroad are troubled by this development. And please pray that we can defeat this insidious bill.

For further information, please see the following:

The proposed bill has sparked large rallies in other countries. See how our friends in the USA are joining their voices for this cause:

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

Dear members of the Congress of the Philippines,

As medical professionals, proud citizens, and friends around the world, we are deeply troubled by the proposed HB 3773: "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005". The bill would have a massively destructive impact on healthcare in our country, and its discrimination policies threaten religious freedom for devout members of all faiths, particularly Catholics. It would destroy families, imperil the unborn, and usher in a "Culture of Death" mentality of rising immorality and woeful health dangers.

The consequences for the life, soul, and future of the Filipino people would be devastating. Your citizens and country deserve much better.

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask you to join us in opposition to HB 3773 and all coercive tactics of the UNFPA, and we hope you will encourage others in Congress to do the same. Thank you for your consideration and attention to this extremely important matter.

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