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Every citizen of the USA should be entitled to healthcare regardless of weight or income. I have personally tried to get health insurance for over two years, but am unsucessful. Private insurance companies use statistics to gauge your "risk factor".

I am a 24 year old female that is 5'10 and because I don't weigh less than 210 pounds, based on these "statistics" I'm uninsurable. People that weigh just under are forced to pay practically a fourth of their income just to be insured. If Americans can be too fat to insure, then being overweight should be categorized as other pre-existing medical conditions for state insurance.

I believe private insurance companies should have to base the "risk factor" on an actual physical. As for state insurance, I make to much money to qualify. There are millions of people that are stuck in this same gray area as I am. Healthcare should be granted to every citizen.

Insurance should be affordable and attainable for every tax paying citizen. Why not? We pay for those that aren't.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning you for a better affordable healthcare system for every American Citizen.

Private companies should not be able to discriminate for reasons of weight, without proof from a physical that they are high risk. There should be some regualtions on premiums charged for those that are overweight, based on actual physical health and not statistics, as well as those that are not.

Citizens that are overweight should be eligible for state insurance, if it is not illegal for private companies to discriminate against them. Citizens should not be left without.

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