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1. Bring the real Dresdenverse alive

Back in 2007, a Dresden Files TV series was launched consisting of 12 episodes. Most of us were highly disappointed by this series due to the changes to the most basic aspects of the history and low production value.

We have all read the 15 books (at this date) plus most of the companion histories of the saga and we believe a new series should be pursued.

2. Get The Video Diaries Back

Did you enjoy One Direction's video diaries? We miss them so much so we tought that it was necessary let them know it.

We are a strong fandom and we can do everything.

3. Big Brother or Big Bully? STOP bullying Harry

I've watched every series of BB and this is become very uncomfortable viewing BB is actually glorifying bullying it's not the original housemates' fault they applied for the show and BB chose them to be on just because they haven't been massive arguments and fights between them doesn't mean it's right to let the bunk housemates treat them like they are and BB to stand by doing nothing about it.

You're basically saying it's ok to treat good people in an aggressive, threatening and degrading manor COME ON BB THIS ISN'T ENTERTAINMENT and you're pretty much just editing it so mark wins. I'm starting to think it's all just a fix.

How can Helen get away with calling Jack "A Fat B*****D", disgusting.

4. One Directon To Perth!

As all of you directioners know, One Direction's management missed Perth on their Australian Tour.

We want to make One Direction's management and the media aware of this so our chances of having a concert here are very real. Please sign and tell all of your friends! Tell your friends to pass it on too!! Let's do this together!

5. Princes William & Harry, Let the Birds Be Free!

PRINCE William has reportedly bought a special birthday gift for his younger brother Harry - hundreds of birds for the pair to shoot on a future hunt.

However, Harry, who turned 27 this week, is planning a weekend of partying in London to celebrate, British newspaper The Sun reports, meaning the royal duo will most likely postpone their shoot to a later date.

William is said to have ordered 250 pheasant, duck and partridge at a cost of some £10,000 ($15,252), to be delivered to the Queen's Sandringham Estate.

"Harry is an exceptional marksman and both brothers love to shoot. William organised this as something they can share," a pal told The Sun.

6. Time for Canada to sever ties with the British Monarchy

Although probably the majority of Canadians wish to keep ties to the British Monarchy, I wish to revisit the idea of supporting such institutions. I personally believe it is no longer healthy for our society and as well not healthy for the monarchy to keep perpetuating the idea of birth right to rule. These ideas are archaic and I believe humans have progressed passed this.

I think our society should support the rise of humans who have the skill and capability to do the job. As well, the freedom to democratically choose those who we feel as the majority should represent and make decisions on behalf of our country.

The world is changing, supporting these institutions may have very little bearing or effect in our own country due to limitation of the monarchy's power, but the perceptual image has an effect globally. Other peoples, such as in counties of the middle east, are not so lucky with their monarchs.

Even though I no longer support our monarchy as I have in the past. My own idealism and thought process have deemed it no longer relevant and even dangerous to other counties of lesser fortunes.

I do wish the current monarch luck, and even feel a bit bad for writing this piece. But I feel is must be thought out for the benefit of Canadians and all humans if these institutions represent what is right and fair.

7. People Who Wants An Harry Potter Theme Park In London

The first Harry Potter theme park was builded in the USA (Orlando, Florida) and it's called "The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter".

If you want an Harry Potter theme park in London, because there were set the books and also because it would be easier for european people to visit it, please sign this petition.

8. Get Emerson Spartz back on MuggleCast!

Emerson Spartz is the founder and webmaster of MuggleNet! He has made an appearance on MuggleCast in October 2009 in the episode called "Kah Noots".

He was hilarious and terrific! Help me bring him back to MuggleCast!!

9. We Want Terrence Mann as Bob in The Dresden Files

Since Syfy refuses to hear the plea of the 16,182 souls that have signed the petition to bring back The Dresden Files TV series it's time for a new plea.

It has come to our attention that Jim Butcher gains the rights to The Dresden Files back in 2012 and after that he hopes to sell the movie rights so there will be a new incarnation of Harry Dresden. This is all well and good however there was one aspect of The Dresden Files TV show loved above all else. Terrence Mann's incarnation of Bob.
If we cannot get The Dresden Files TV show back at least let us retain Terrence Mann's version of Bob. And so starteth the Bob petition.

This petition is a preemptive strike. For the future incarnations of The Dresden Files we want Terrence Mann's incarnation of Bob.

10. David Tennant To Join Twitter

If you are a Tennant fan, you'll know very well that he is not on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any other social networking sites. In the past, he has shown no interest to join any of them either. But recently (it seems to me) that he's been tempted by the idea of Twitter...

11. Honor Harry Kalas, Rename the Bank!

Let's honor Harry, let's get the "Bank" renamed in his honor!

12. Please Make More Harry Potter Books

After Harry died in the last book (the deathly hollow), I hoped J.K. Rowling would make new Harry Potter books.

Please sign and help me to get Mrs Rowling to write more Harry Potter books.

13. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince should NOT be released July 17th 2009

Warner Brother's announced today that the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film would be released July 17th 2009.

Rather than November 21st 2008 release date as previously stated. The trailer was just recently released, and that too stated a November release.

But instead, the date has been changed. The argument being to 'reach a larger audience' and to 'make the movie more sucessful'.

But the most sucessful Harry Potter film is the first one - which was released in November.

So where is their argument?

It is obvious that Warner Brothers have no real care for the Harry Potter fanbase, and are worefully out of order.

14. Harrypoo ter is crappy! YES

We All Know It! hes A Crap Actor. Hes The Richest guy In Like The Whole Universe! Man He's crappy! Yh I know!!! SOOO SIGN UP NOW! Hu Lovs Him? No ONe. hes Weird? err Yes. Is He Ugly? Yes. bad Actor? ERRR Yes. Is He The Crappiest? ERR yes> nxT answer yES. yES. yES. YES && yeeeess.

fIRST person To votes Gets First Prize. My EYEBALL ;)

15. New Home 4 Dresden!

The Dresden Files TV series (TDF) is based on the best-selling book series written by Jim Butcher.

The series began on the Sci-Fi Channel on January 21, 2007 with the episode Birds of a Feather and ran for a total of 12 episodes, ending with Second City on April 15. Despite a very short season & NO advertising or promotion by Sci-Fi Channel, the show did amazingly well - earning viewer ratings equal to, & some even better than, the Sci-Fi Channel's highly publicized ‘flagship’ show Battlestar Galactica.

To ensure that the Sci-Fi Channel & its owners NBC/Universal understood how important the show was to fans of the scifi genre’, Dresden Files fans began writing letters to them and praising the show.

On July 4, 2007, a statement was released in an Edmonton, Canada newspaper that Lionsgate – who produces TDF – were moving one of their series to Edmonton for production. One of the series listed that could possibly move was the Dresden Files! This statement gave hope to the fans, who persisted in the letter-writing campaign & began contacting the media.

On July 14, an e-mail was received by several fans from Patrick Lee, editor of Sci Fi Wire – the news & info site on – stating that an announcement was expected ‘this week’. The week came & went with absolutely NO response from either the Sci-Fi Channel or its parent company NBC/Universal.

On August 3, 2007, a statement was posted on Sci Fi Wire concerning Paul Blackthorne – lead actor of the Dresden Files – having accepted a recurring role on the new show Big Shots. The last sentence again stated that the status of the series had not been decided. Later that same day, the last sentence was altered to say that the Dresden Files would not be back for Season 2.

We fans believe that not only is the Dresden Files the BEST TV series that has been released in 2007, it is also the most intelligent, witty, suspenseful, engaging, and endearing show that has been released on ANY channel or network in YEARS!

For this reason, we are petitioning Lionsgate as producers of the show, and any and ALL television channels to pick up the Dresden Files - cast & crew – for Season 2!!

16. Save Harry Potter

This petition is aimed at Joanne Kathleen Rowling to carry on writing more Harry Potter books. Millions perhaps billions of fans are counting on her to write one last book.

This would not only raise a national whoop of glory for book fans but also for those wishing for a further part in the HP movies, those who have depressed children, even bullying victims.

Please Please sign our petition even if you hate Harry Potter just to make the day of those who will be miserable with out it. We're counting on you.

17. Call for the Removal of Prince Harry from the British Army

Prince Harry will not be sent to Iraq, the head of the British army has said.

General Sir Richard Dannatt said the prince's deployment would pose an "unacceptable" threat to him and the men who served alongside him.

Clarence House said Prince Harry was "very disappointed" but will not be leaving the Army as a result.

If he cannot serve in a war, then why is he in the army?

18. Harry Judd Should bleach his hair

July 12, 2006

This petition my friend and i are makin to help the one and only Douglas Lee Poynter get his wish to come true.

This will be sent to dougie himself.

19. Abolish Purple and Harry Potter

June 18, 2006

Hello World!

- I know many people who hate Harry Potter.
- I know many people who hate Purple
- I hate Harry Potter & Purple
- We decided it was time to do something about it and make a petition.

Together we can STOP purple and Harry Potter from ever reaching this world EVER again because they are so bad.

(oh and NSW are going to win the ST of Origin).

20. Harry Potter Bände 1-3, Cover wie bei Erstauflage

April 15, 2006

Wir wollen den Carlsen Verlag dazu bringen, die Harry Potter Bände 1-3 wieder mit der ursprünglichen Covergestaltung herauszubringen.

Die Schrift "Harry Potter" wurde durch das weltbekannte Logo ersetzt, eigentlich ganz gut. Die Bände "Stein der Weisen", "Kammer des Schreckens" und "gefangene von Askaban" sollen weiterhin mit dem Logo veröffentlicht werden, jedoch soll noch eine limitierte Ausgabe mit der originallen Covergestaltung erscheinen, da dies einen hohen Sammlerwert für die Harry Potter Fans hat.

Diese limitierte Ausgabe kann auch mehr kosten...

21. Wiederauflage von "Fantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind" und "Quidditch im Wandel der Zeiten"

Joanne K. Rowling, die Autorin der Harry Potter Bücher, schreib im Jahre 2001 unter Pseudonymen die Bücher "Fantastische Tierwesen & wo sie zu finden sind" und "Quidditch im Wandel der Zeiten".

Diese beiden Bücher gab es jedoch nur 2001 - unter Begrenzter Auflage.

22. Petition against parole for New York cop killers

On August 14, 1980 police officer Harry R Ryman was off duty and sleeping in his residence, located within the confines of the 63rd precinct in Brooklyn New York.

After being awakened as the result of the suspicious noises on the street, officer Ryman equipped himself with his shield and off-duty revolver and went to investigate. He observed 3 males attempting to steal a car.

Officer Ryman identifying himself as a police officer and was fired upon and immediately returned fire. Although fatally wounded, officer Ryman was able to wound one of his assailants before falling unconscious.

The suspects fled in an auto but the wounded felon was arrested when he sought aid and the two remaining perpetrators were subsequently arrested.

23. Please help Paige Jackson become LUNA LOVEGOOD in the new Harry Potter film

Please help a girl's dream come true to play Luna Lovegood in the new Harry Potter Film.

In the photo Paige is the Blonde one.

24. Emma, Dan und Rupert zu "Wetten, dass...??"

Tjaja, ich hab mich mal entschlossen, diese Petition aufzumachen, damit wir hier alle Namen zusammentragen und darüber hinaus auch vllt noch andere Leute für unser Projekt begeistern können. Als "Related Website" hab ich mal den genauen Link zum Thread genommen.

25. Do you hate Harry Potter?

Do you hate Harry Potter?

If you hate the films and/or books, please sign this petition as I want to see how popular he really is.

26. Have Rachel Hurd-Wood Play Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I think that Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan) should play Luna Lovegood in the fifth movie installment of the very well known Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If you sign this petition, you agree with me that Rachel should play Luna. To sign this, I advise you watch the three movies and read the five books.

27. Make Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Two Movies!

This is a petition to make the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into two films. As many of us saw in "Prisoner of Azkaban" much of the detail and plot was cut out, and the film was very rushed, because it was only one movie. "Goblet of Fire" is several hundred pages longer than "Prisoner of Azkaban", and will need to be two movies to tie in all the details that make the plot understandable.

28. Harry Potter theme park?

Well, I've been reading around the 'net for a while and have come across several times the idea for a "Harry Potter" theme park. Warner Bros. has already got the rights to it. But are they going to truly build it? I'd just like to know how many people would actually want this to happen, and some opinions, too. I came across a great site at this URL ( that gave all sorts of nice ideas and it thoroughly excited me :).

Leave warner bros. to decide where to put it...heck, they can have one in britain AND America if they want to! Just pick a convenient spot so people don't have to travel so far. ;) (Like in the midwest ;) hint hint) Feel free to state your opinion! Not that I'm official or nothin', just want to see how badly peoples would like a theme park...

29. Save the Dursleys in fourth Harry Potter film.

The Dursleys have been dropped from the fourth Harry Potter film.

Richard Griffiths and Fiona Shaw, who play Harry's Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia are said to be stunned by the news they won't be returning for The Goblet of Fire.

Griffiths told the Daily Express: "Filming had already started on the fourth and Fiona and I asked the producers 'Are we in it?' and they said: 'Oh, did no one tell you?'

"The problem is that the fourth book is just too long for a film, so they've done away with our bit - where Harry is at home with the Dursleys - and will just begin with him at school."

Griffiths says he hopes there will be a fans' revolt. "I said to JK Rowling, 'Couldn't the Dursleys turn up to an Open Day at Harry's school or something?' but she said, 'I don't think so.'"

30. Depp For Sirius Black

We formed this for one reason. To put Mr. Johhny Depp in the acting role of the character Sirius Black for further Harry Potter movies. Being long time fans of Harry Potter, we were appalled after seeing the trailer and production photos of Gary Oldman's portrayal of Sirius. Please join us and show your support. Depp For Black!