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Well, I've been reading around the 'net for a while and have come across several times the idea for a "Harry Potter" theme park. Warner Bros. has already got the rights to it. But are they going to truly build it? I'd just like to know how many people would actually want this to happen, and some opinions, too. I came across a great site at this URL (www.angelfire.com/tx5/worldofmagic/intro.html) that gave all sorts of nice ideas and it thoroughly excited me :).

Leave warner bros. to decide where to put it...heck, they can have one in britain AND America if they want to! Just pick a convenient spot so people don't have to travel so far. ;) (Like in the midwest ;) hint hint) Feel free to state your opinion! Not that I'm official or nothin', just want to see how badly peoples would like a theme park...

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