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I have been a long time Harry Potter fan, as have many others.

I know that Athens, Georgia, has a HP summer school, but there are some of us who just can't go to Georgia just for this, so there should be an HP summer school in every American state -- simply put, because HP fans just cannot go to one state for it all unless they make a Harry Potter convention, which is highly unlikely to happen.

And it isn't gonna be boring, either. It'll have fun stuff, not the same old-fashioned, boring Muggle summer school (who wants to do school twice?). This is an oppurtunity for all HP fans to make friends, learn, and have fun! Yes, we can throw some learning into this program as well. If this will not work, we can have a Harry Potter theme park instead. So, what do you want: the theme park, or the summer school fun?

Long live Harry Potter!! The fans can't just talk about it amongst themselves. Us anime fans have stuff to do like conventions, heck, disney has a whole theme park, why can't Harry potter?

Oh, by the way, I would prefer either of these be in america. Doesn't England already get all the Harry Potter stuff? So, who wants either of these two things to happen? I sure do!

Please sign this petition so us fans can meet other fans, make friends, and have fun at a theme park or summer schools (the summer schools can be spread out across the USA)! To show our love to harry potter and unite!!

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