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1. Grand Theft Auto Night Clubs

How would it be if we could buy Night Clubs or else in GTA Online? So we would make money with such Clubs, chill out in that Clubs BUT we would be the club owner. So why won´t be there an update or a patch so we could buy such clubs in the Grand Theft Auto Online mode?

2. Please help preserve Queen West

The City of Toronto did not approve this application for a 15-story condo and commercial building at Portland Street and Richmond Street West. The developers are now appealing to the Ontario Municipal Board, who often looks past the quiet little street directly impacted and makes their decision from statistics compiled from tall buildings blocks away!

In this case, we are attempting to preserve this tiny neighborhood by asking the Ontario Municipal Board to limit the height of a proposed huge new building - below the Loblaws building at Portland Street and Richmond Street West. Please do not let this huge building stomp on our heritage and history, and obliterate the sky from those living in the quaint 2-story 'workers rowhouses' on Portland Street and the modern 8-story condos nearby.

All Toronto residents are invited to vote for our proposed restrictions. If you ever drive or walk down Portland Street this affects you, too!

Thank you
Portland Area Residents Association.

3. Stop demonizing ads targeting groups of people funded by tax dollars

Ad campaign on bus-shelter funded by tax payers.

4. No place to go : Let's stop the homeless youth epidemic

It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 homeless youth in Toronto during any given year and as many as 2,000 on a given night. This is an unseen epidemic that often goes under the radar.

Did you know that 30 percent of homeless youth have been involved in some form of the sex trade? That about half of street youth surveyed said they had stolen food and eaten food that had been thrown out. That 23 percent of the young women and 11 percent of the young men said they’d resort to trading sex for food. these youth have no voice, we need to be this voice for them.

We want to and need to change this. Please help us in signing this petition that will go directly to Toronto Mayor John Tory and his council.

5. Competitive Gas Prices in Markham

All surrounding regions have at least one alternative choice for purchasing gas that is competitively priced - e.g. Pioneer, Costco, Loblaws, Top Value, etc.

No station exists in Markham and we would like to have the same freedom of choice as all surrounding regions.

N.B. Husky stations are not independent but are a part of Suncor.

6. Support Interesting GTA V holiday updates

I've always found the GTA V online fun but could do with some intersting updates.

We just received the Beach Bums update but all it supplied was some new weapons and vehicles, and I did not even get the stymulas package.

7. Thank you Rockstar Games

This is an opportunity for fans of Rockstar Games and GTA V to thank the development company for considering the needs, wants, and ideas of the fans, whether directly or residually.

As of the November 2012 previews, GTA V was not intended to have property purchases as a feature, nor would it include character customizations. The inclusion of car and weapon modding also seemed to be out of the picture at this time.

Much to our, the fans, dismay, GTA V was recently delayed from a Spring 2013 release to September 17, 2013. This delay was met with a considerable amount of backlash and animosity throughout the community. However, the May 2, 2013 previews for the game revealed that Rockstar had gone back on their word that the aforementioned features would remain absent from the game. The game had clearly been delayed to include the features that the fans so desperately wanted in the next GTA title. Other features that have uncanny similarities to fan made wish lists and concepts were also revealed to be a big part of the game. Rockstar games clearly desires to create the game that the fans want and deserve and this has never been more apparent than now.

We, as a fan base, thank Rockstar games for reminding the industry of what sets them above and beyond all other development companies. During a time of games with one year life cycles and cookie cutter sequels, Rockstar games continues to do what they do best, taking their time to ensure their products maintain an insurmountable amount of detail and character, through the eyes of a distinguishing narrative that can only be told by Rockstar.

Your fans thank you.

8. Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD

Grand Theft Auto was probably your favorite game at one point, as for millions of others. Hopefully this petition will catch the eye of Rockstar Games, and they may start a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy HD (For PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, ect.) so we can re-live these amaizing games.

9. Bring GTA 5 to Manchester

GTA has been in a global phenomenom for since 1997, it has featured locations based on New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Not to mention smaller locations such as Chinatown, New Jersey and London in 1969.

The time has come to inject some international flavour to the series by bringing it to the United Kingdom and more importantly Manchester.

10. A-Frame Signs in the GTA

Sidewalk A-Frame signs have been the most valuable tool in successfully building our massage therapy and acupuncture clinic. We have been slowly growing our business for almost seven years and in the short time we have been without our signs we have seen a notable decrease in our client traffic.

If we have no visibility many of us will experience significant losses including but not exclusive to small businesses and their customers.

11. Unban Rockstar games in South Korea!

Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, two games which have been released in Europe, North America, and Japan. However, South Korea has banned the two games for "cruelty and violence".

"Cruelty and Violence"? Better yet in South Korea they eat dogs and cats. It's considered cruel in the US yet they eat dogs? Also, the games have NOTHING to do with North Korea. Unless there endorsed by Kim Jong II, then politically, there is no point in banning the games. And if South Korea is a democracy, then why are these games banned?

If you think playing Grand Theft Auto is cruel, then what about eating dogs and cats? Now thats 100x more cruel then playing GTA. If South Korea continues to keep the ban, then ban eating cats and dogs. And tell Rockstar not to sell GTA SA, GTA LCS, GTA VCS, and GTA IV (GTA games that are legally selled in the region) in South Korea. It's a disgrace to democracy.

12. Grand Theft Auto Regenerative Health

Grand theft auto has been using health bar systems for the past, and present.

13. Extend the 100% club contest for GTA IV

The three week challenge began on the game's release on April 29th 2008. Members of Rockstar Game Social Club who had completed 100% of GTA IV were awarded a key to Liberty City.

Unfortunately many people were not able to complete the task by the May 19th 2008 deadline due to reasons including but not restricted to:

- Not being able to obtain a copy of the game due to overwhelming demand.

- Not knowing about the competition until it was too late.

- Server load problems on the Rockstar site not being updated accordingly to the player's progress.

14. Clean version of GTA IV?

There are alot of young teenagers (13,14,15 etc) That wish to play it, But are not aloud because there is too much Sexual Content / Nudity.

Alot of us want to play it really badly, but can't.

Please make us a clean version!

15. Stop blaming games for violence!!

Every time somebody commits a crime and they're found to have an aggressive game in their collection it straight away is down to the game.

THIS IS WRONG. The game is not to blame for the person's mental deficiencies.

16. Change Official Polish Website about Grand Theft Auto series!

Nasza polska oficjalna strona o GTA nie jest warta bycia oficjalną! Każdy kto regularnie ją odwiedza wie, że ich "newsy" takie świeże to nie są, a na forum panuje totalitarny ustrój klasy Adminów. Jest wiele ciekawych profesjonalnych stron traktujących o GTA, gdzie każda nowinka, screen, czy nawet plotka jest opublikowana, dzięki czemu wiemy bardzo dużo o tym co się dzieje. Dobrym przykładem jest tu strona Jeżeli się ze mną zgadzacie podpiszcię tę petycje to może razem coś zdziałamy!

Our Polish official Website ( about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is not worthy to by it! Editors of this site are not informing fully about what happens in GTA scene! They are many pro fan site (for example: which are informing us about new screens, gossips, official info and many, many more! site is't worthy to be official Polish website! We want real "from fans to fans" site which can inform us about GTA series and not about "how good to be official site". Are you with me? If you're not fully sure about meaning of this petition, then look on "news" section or go on forum ( Admins are banning for nothing (that happens when irresponsible and unripe persons are admins).