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South Korea

Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, two games which have been released in Europe, North America, and Japan. However, South Korea has banned the two games for "cruelty and violence".

"Cruelty and Violence"? Better yet in South Korea they eat dogs and cats. It's considered cruel in the US yet they eat dogs? Also, the games have NOTHING to do with North Korea. Unless there endorsed by Kim Jong II, then politically, there is no point in banning the games. And if South Korea is a democracy, then why are these games banned?

If you think playing Grand Theft Auto is cruel, then what about eating dogs and cats? Now thats 100x more cruel then playing GTA. If South Korea continues to keep the ban, then ban eating cats and dogs. And tell Rockstar not to sell GTA SA, GTA LCS, GTA VCS, and GTA IV (GTA games that are legally selled in the region) in South Korea. It's a disgrace to democracy.

We, the undersigned, tell South Korea to lift the ban on GTA III and GTA VC.

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