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This is an opportunity for fans of Rockstar Games and GTA V to thank the development company for considering the needs, wants, and ideas of the fans, whether directly or residually.

As of the November 2012 previews, GTA V was not intended to have property purchases as a feature, nor would it include character customizations. The inclusion of car and weapon modding also seemed to be out of the picture at this time.

Much to our, the fans, dismay, GTA V was recently delayed from a Spring 2013 release to September 17, 2013. This delay was met with a considerable amount of backlash and animosity throughout the community. However, the May 2, 2013 previews for the game revealed that Rockstar had gone back on their word that the aforementioned features would remain absent from the game. The game had clearly been delayed to include the features that the fans so desperately wanted in the next GTA title. Other features that have uncanny similarities to fan made wish lists and concepts were also revealed to be a big part of the game. Rockstar games clearly desires to create the game that the fans want and deserve and this has never been more apparent than now.

We, as a fan base, thank Rockstar games for reminding the industry of what sets them above and beyond all other development companies. During a time of games with one year life cycles and cookie cutter sequels, Rockstar games continues to do what they do best, taking their time to ensure their products maintain an insurmountable amount of detail and character, through the eyes of a distinguishing narrative that can only be told by Rockstar.

Your fans thank you.

Thank you Rockstar games for considering your fans throughout the development of GTA V.

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