I've always found the GTA V online fun but could do with some intersting updates.

We just received the Beach Bums update but all it supplied was some new weapons and vehicles, and I did not even get the stymulas package.

I had taken some time in playing GTA V online and noticed how fantastic it would do with some good updates.

I had a spark of a thought that maybe they could release an update which involves the holidays of the year.

An example would be Halloween; for example, when we are in the week of Halloween maybe for the week they can automatically update your game so they have the suited setting for the suited holiday, so for Halloween maybe rockstar can have it so its always night time and some of the NPCs are zombies or other monsters. (THESE ARE JUST SOME IDEAS).

The same can go with other holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Please sign if you agree and you are interested fans of the series. Thank you.

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