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Rugrats: The best and longest running Nick-Toon on Nickelodeon. Most everyone loved it. Then after about 14 years of airing it was canceled. If this was on season DVD’s all the old fans could remember their childhood and newer generations of children could also enjoy it. It’s almost as if it has faded into oblivion.

Rugrats needs to be brought back somehow. It is depressing when you can barely find the show on TV.

This petition is for all seasons of Rugrats to be put on season DVD’s. Even though some fans only like the first three seasons, this petition is for all of the seasons, because some of the fans still liked the newer ones. This would sell and many fans would be ecstatic.

Note: Please leave as much information as possible when signing this petition. (No I’m not a stalker.) I just want this petition to be as legitimate as possible.

Thank you to all of the Rugrats fans.

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