#Human Rights
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi - President of Egypt

The Great Sphinx of Giza is 5000-12000 years old and measures 73 metres (240 ft) long from paw to tail. It was originally found my civilization nearly covered in sand, and probably would have gone unnoticed if the head had not been sticking through the sand. After a couple of decades, the entire Sphinx was finally excavated in 1925 to 1936 by an archaeological expedition led by Émile Baraize.

But that's not everything, recently scientists discovered through resonance feedback that there lies an unexplored man-made cave below the Sphinx's paws. It was proposed that the possible nearby entrance be excavated but was quickly rejected by the Government of Egypt. Humanity must know what resides inside for the betterment of man-kind and jurisdiction should fall on the decision of the people.

Sign the petition to tell the president of Egypt to allow the lawful excavation and to stop the hiding of knowledge.

The people of the world deserve to know what is under the The Great Sphinx of Giza. These matters should be considered global priority number one. I would like you to justly provide the proper permits to allow the tunnels under the Sphinx to be non-destructively excavated and allow the artifacts to be decoded publicly for the World and all of humanity. Thank you.

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