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In autumn of 1999, The WB network debuted the TV series "Popular," a refreshingly clever dramedy set in high school about two girls from opposite social spheres forced into sisterhood when their parents make a love connection. Saturated with scathing humor, pop culture references and social angst, "Popular" explored e-generation ambition and the teen crusade for popularity, acceptance and clear skin among the two girls and their feuding cliques.

In 2001, The WB unceremoniously truncated the show's two-year run after falsely leading the producers and fans to believe the show would be returning for another season. Much to everyone's chagrin, the final image of the series was a disturbing and violent cliffhanger which would never be resolved. However, we the fans beseech Buena Vista Home Entertainment to consider producing DVD boxed sets of the complete series so we can forever live the memory of this amazing show.

In regard to the television program "Popular," we the undersigned, are requesting that this series be brought to the ever growing and popular DVD format. A season by season boxed set of the complete series as you have done for your other cancelled shows this year ("Felicity," "Once and Again," "Sports Night") would be wonderful. "Popular" has acquired a sizeable cult following that would unquestionably purchase the DVD boxed set, if available. Assuredly, both Buena Vista and the fans of the series would benefit from this undertaking. Thank you for taking the time to view our points and considering this development.

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