#Human Rights
Human Rights Agencies & Chinese Communist Party

Little baby girls are being murdered in China and thrown out on the curbs, or streets, or in the garbage, or dumpsters. Its not illegal over there because there is a limit on the citizens to only bear two children.

The men want to carry on their name so they murder their daughters so they can have sons. They throw their murdered babies in the streets like they are pure garbage. This is disgusting. So many people that cant have babies and these little girls are being killed. You should love your biological children whether they can carry on your name or not. Its sick minded to kill an infant and toss her in the road.

Please stop the murder of baby girls in China, just because they aren't boys and can't carry on the family name. They are human lives and deserve love and committment by their parents, not to be murdered and tossed in the streets like garbage.

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