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1. Open letter to Sally Hunt

Dear Sally,

We note the results of the ballot to effect constitutional change in the University and College Union as communicated by you in March. We believe this ballot was conducted in undue haste following your re-election as general secretary in pursuit of a narrow political agenda to stifle legitimate opposition within the union, including by elected national executive committee members. There was insufficient time to debate what are critical issues for members.

Subsequent to the ballot, we note that there has been a marked increase in “personal” communication between you and the membership on major issues – most recently the Universities Superannuation Scheme. As a union we would not tolerate management engaging individually and directly with our members and bypassing established collective and democratic machinery, and we are thus concerned about such an approach from our union. We are opposed to the individualistic turn that the UCU appears to be taking, since it undermines collective processes and is being falsely counterpoised to building inclusive and participatory activism in the workplace.

This year’s UCU congress voted to adopt motions 63, 64 and L5, which raise concerns about the misuse of membership surveys to bypass democratic structures and encourage “timidity and inertia” (in the wording of Motion 63), particularly in the absence of proper time for discussion within branches and committees. Motion L5 calls for union officials and structures to abide by congress decisions, and to use online surveys subsequent only to their debate by congress, sector conference or the NEC (and as sanctioned by the NEC).

Motions 65 and 67, in support of your proposal to reduce the NEC’s size, were defeated. However, as part of your congress speech, you promised to continue to campaign for the reforms regardless of the congress decision. This has worrying implications for union democracy.

2. VBH ELO-NO!!!

The Village of Barrington Hills is seeking to enact an Exterior Lighting Ordinance that will significantly restrict resident's rights to choose how they illuminate their homes, driveways and landscapes.

The Ordinance was drafted at the request of the Village Board by the Plan Commission, and is now being considered by the ZBA for approval and subsequent forwarding to the Board.

Most in the village believe the Ordinance is too restrictive. Anything from a simple, single floodlight to the wattage of the lighting at one's doorway would be regulated with fines imposed for non-compliance regardless if you live on one or one hundred acres.

We believe this is wrong, and hope that you agree with your petition signature.

3. Cervical Smear Campaign to test under 25 women if requested

Cervical smear test is used to look for changes in cervical cells and to identify whether further investigation is required. Depending on the degree of abnormality identified, women are asked to have a repeat smear after six or 12 months, or may be referred for a further test to identify the cause of the abnormality identified by screening.

Under the NHS Cervical Screening Program, all women between the ages of 25 and 49 are eligible for a free cervical smear test every three years, and women between the ages of 50 and 64 are eligible for a free test every five years.

The smear test is not routinely available to women aged under 25. Cervical cancer is rare in women under the age of 20; teenagers’ bodies, particularly the cervix, are still developing, which means young women may get an abnormal smear result when there is nothing wrong. This could lead to unnecessary treatment, so screening young women might do more harm than good.

Between the ages of 20 and 25, invasive cancer is still rare but changes in the cervix are common. Although treating lesions in very young women may prevent cancers from developing many years later, the evidence suggests that screening is best started at the age of 25. Lesions that are destined to progress will still be screen-detectable and those that would regress will no longer be a source of anxiety. This means that younger women will not have to undergo unnecessary investigations and treatments.

Any woman under 25 who is concerned about her risk of developing cervical cancer, or her sexual health generally, should contact her GP or Genito-Urinary

4. Insurance Reclaim Petition

To Prevent solicitors' firms from making settlements for personal injury which prevent a further claim.

You may also wish to sign the Downing street petition link

5. Mandatory Funding for Veterans’ Healthcare Services

You Can Join OFFE 2008 In Its Demand For Mandatory Veteran's Funding.

6. Enforce the Constitution with us ~ sign now and pass this on!

Be it known that WE THE PEOPLE as Legal Voting Citizens of a Sovereign United States of America, fully oppose any statute, rule, law, judgment, and act that is inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States of America.

7. I, too, "am fearfully and wonderfully made"

At the close of the year 2006, there were 689 reported and confirmed cases of severe child abuse and neglect in York County, South Carolina. This includes only this one county, and doesn't account for the multitude of cases that likely went unreported.

Not a single one of these cases resulted in a prison sentence for the perpetrator greater than 11 years. More significant sentences have been granted for the abuse of animals, which is demonstrated by the attached documentation.

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic in our country, and one that must be stopped. Most of us have heard the phrase "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (Exodus 21:23-27). This idea represents exact retribution, insisting that the perpetrator should suffer exactly what the victim has suffered.

As we present this petition before the court and its people, we argue for exact retribution for all victims of child abuse. The effects of such abuse do not go away; they may be nummed, but follow an individual throughout the rest of their lives.

Thus, since the victim will suffer until their life ends, so should the offender. We insist that a fair sentence for such a crime should last for a lifetime as well.

8. India's Health Sector

India ranks 127 amongst 177 countries with regards to the Human Development Index. India spends just over 1% of it's total GDP on Health. This is equal to Rupees 160 (just over 3 Euro's) per head per anum. India's low health spending means India ranks an abysmal 171 out of 175 according to 2004 UNDP report.

Union health secretary J V R Prasad Rao explains what this skewed funding pattern means for India’s people: “With the funding so low, we can either fund doctors or get medicines or provide support services. We cannot take care of all this.”

80% of the population lives in rural areas, but 80% of health provision is urban. Over 85% of health provision is through private enterprise.

To make matters worse - immoral and unethical practices are a norm within the health sector. Unfortunately for a private medical practioner, earning a decent living (comparable to otherprofessionals from IT / MBA sector) is impossible without being a part of such corruption. The latter includes giving kick-backs to referring colleagues. Often this leads to quick & dirty ways of earning money i.e. 'sham' or 'unwanted' procedures. The other option is to consider working in public hospitals where you could get paid just as much as in a call-centre. In contrast salaries of those working in BPOs / software industry are 2-3 times higher.

The Medical Council of India currently functions only as a registration body. Once registered the MCI has no idea about the whereabouts of a doctor. Further it has no teeth and is unable to curb curruption and unethical practices including those carried out by quacks.

9. Chestnut Avenue/Lime Grove residents' concerns

March 21, 2006

This petition is in support of letters of objection to the proposed building plans for further development of Nutten Stoven Residential Home for the Elderly at 81, Boston Road, holbeach. Application no. H09/0279/06.

Previous application of building plans H09/1610/04 were refused on the grounds of over development of the site.

We the residents of all the homes in Lime Grove no. 1-11 and the two homes either side of the entrance to Lime Grove at no. 3 and 5 Chestnut Avenue are opposed to the newly submitted plans.

10. Stop AOL from displaying banner ads on Paying Members Journals

November 16, 2005

Not only has AOL been disrespecting it's PAYING customers by taking features such as AIM and Journals and GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE, they have further begun selling, trading, sharing and/or giving away ad space and displaying the ads in the form of banner ads atop PAYING AOL members Personal Journals, without thought or regard as to whether the Person who created the Journal supports the banner even being there, nor if she or she is in agreement with the ad.

PAYING AOL members respectfully wish AOL to IMEDIATELY REMOVE the banner ads from Paid member Journals.

11. Cuckoo's Rest Public House Petition

No to increasing opening hours at The Cuckoo's Rest.

I do not wish The Cuckoo's Rest to be granted the license to increase opening hours further to current times. I believe this would have a detremental effect on our standard of living due to noise pollution and incidental risk.

12. Say No to China's 'Anti-Separation Law'

The National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) approved a draft of the "Anti-Separation Law" in December 2004 and will submit it to the NPC for further deliberation and passage in March, 2005. The enactment of such a law deeply concerns Taiwan, an independent and sovereign nation comprised of 23 million people.

The "Anti-Separation Law" will provide unification with the PRC as the sole option for cross-Strait relations. The law outlines what Beijing considers acts and consequences of Taiwan independence, and further promotes its "one country, two systems" stance in strict conformity with its so-called "one China" policy. At worse, the law would, in effect, legalize war against Taiwan in the eyes of Beijing.

Passage of the "Anti-Separation Law" would change the status quo unilaterally and result in serious consequences for peace and stability in the region. It ignores the political reality that Taiwan and the PRC are two independent and equal entities and disregards the desire of the Taiwan people to determine their own future. In December 2004, for example, the Mainland Affairs Council conducted a survey to Taiwan people in which 83% or respondents polled expressed opposition to the enactment of the "Anti-Separation Law."

The passage of such a law would quickly destroy what little trust there is in Beijing and erode cross-Strait relations further.

13. Skype-Plugin for Trillian

Exactly like the auhor of this petition I support the thesis that a Skype-Plugin for Trillian would be an enormous profit for the Community. Further am I the opinion that a Skype Plugin for Trillian would open the Skype service for a further large user-group, wich will lead to a direct growth of the amount of skype users.

Genauso wie der Autor dieser Petition unterstütze ich die These,
dass ein Skype-Plugin für Trillian ein enormer Gewinn für die Community wäre.
Weiterhin bin ich der Meinung, dass ein Skype-Plugin für Trillian
den Skype Dienst einer weiteren großen Personengruppe zugänglich
machen und somit zu einem direkt Wachstum des Skype Dienst führen wird.

14. No Extension of Sykes in Ada, OK

The employees who have signed this petition are against the thought of extending the closing date of Sykes in Ada, OK any further than March 8, 2004.

15. Council Tax Costs across Berkshire

I like many people am passionate when it comes to Government fees and cost. Council Tax mainly. I want to raise a petition for everyone who lives under the RG postcode. If, like news articles report, the current Council tax is due to rise by up to 18% I want to bring people together in giving our personal opinions on the alleged rise in the current rates. There is lots of press coverage across the whole United Kingdom regarding the Council Tax issue.

I do not feel that I get "value for money" when it comes to Council Tax charges. I live in the RG31 (Tilehurst, Reading area) and am appalled by my current charges without even viewing the final upcoming raise to our current charges. If the Council could guarantee that ALL services that we pay for are honored, as they should then, I, for one would be less "discussed" of the charges for service. However, the only service I can honestly say I receive for my money is getting my bins emptied once a week. The Policing is poor; the streets are dirty, littered with waste and "rubbish". We have our grass verges cut three times a year if were lucky. The roads are generally in a poor condition…. I could go on.

I am asking you all, the people of Berkshire to sign this petition which will be passed on to our local government representative with a covering letter asking for their comments.

Many people in other parts of the United Kingdom are standing up for what they believe and refusing to pay the proposed increase which is due soon. We as a community NEED TO PULL TOGETHER to stand side by side with others and make sure our voices are heard before this country/county forces itself into a situation that will mirror the problems of late similar to the Poll Tax debate and make our living conditions further more difficult than they already are.

If you, as a resident of Berkshire agree or have your own personal view on Council Tax Costs then PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. A copy of this will be forwarded to all the local newspapers which cover Berkshire in hope of keeping our County as it should and in favour of us, the people. Many people are finding it difficult to afford the current living costs within Berkshire as it is.

Let's not worsen the situation?

Thank you for you time.

Mr. Daran Thomas
Knowsley Road
RG31 6FA

16. America Online - Reinstate those who have lost bulk mailing list status

December 2005

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.


November 2003

Dear Mr. Miller:

We, the undersigned, hereby demand AOL reinstate those who have lost bulk mailing list status due to inconspicuous spam controls implanted on AOL 8.0 and 8.0 plus, without the users' knowledge, and further demand spam folders be located where they can readily be seen, and AOL immediately remove these bogus tos violations from our account records. Spam folders did not show up in our normal mail, it was not until one chose another method (such as AOL anywhere) of retrieving mail, that the spam folder was visible.

Most lists and members knew nothing of this, therefore we inadvertently reported each other as sending spam. (Aol was controlling what was and was not spam, without our knowledge, as it seems we've lost the right to view our own mail and make that decision for ourselves).

Many innocent people lost bulk mailing privileges for a 6 month period due to AOL's hasty decision, and we should not be penalized for AOL's mistakes. We have done nothing wrong and have followed tos rules. It is not a tos violation to send mail to those who have requested it be sent.

17. Yes to parakarting on lytham st annes beach

In July 2002 a lady was killed in a accident involving a land yacht on the beach at lytham st. annes. Landyachting and parakarting have taken place on the beach for well over thirty years and in all that time there has never been a serious accident till last july. We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the deceased, but we would like to get access to the beach to carry on with our sport as the council closed off the beach to land yachts and parakarts till further notice. It is over 12 months now and we are no further forward in getting back on the beach, other local beaches were closed as well to landachts and parakarts bur have all reopened with enforced risk assesments and insurance coverwould all interested people wishing to get our sport going at lytham st,annes please sign this petion to forward to lytham county council , they have the best beach in the UK fot this sport which is enviromently friendly fun and safe. Please add your name if you agree .

18. Rectification & Justice for Rude and Obnoxious treatrment by NationWide Furniture

On 2-07-03 I purchased & paid for a 5pc bedroom suite for my daughters which I had put on hold for them the previous 2 weeks ago, I was assured on the 6th the bedroom suite and other items were there and could be ready on the 7th. I made room for the bed room suite by getting rid of the old bed my two toddlers had. On the 7th the items were paid out in full & I was told it would be delivered at 4pm, and it wasnt.I called off & on repeatedly, and was assured it would be at my home. My little girl ,whom is three kept asking where her new bed was, she was a little upset when she saw us getting rid of the old one. At 6:30 pm the Mgr callls and tells me that the bedroom suite was sold by another employee to someone else, I was upset and wanted my money back, but the Mgr. assuredus they'd have another suite in on Monday. Monday I called all day, Tuesday I did the same, and about 4pm I spoke with Allen and he told me if the bedroom suite didnt come in he would call me so I could get my money. I waited and noone called so i assumed the bed was on it's way. It had begun getting late, and no bed had arrived I was in tears and upset, I was so upset I began having breathing problems, At 630 I had to go to the Er, I was having a bad asthma attack , I collasped at the hospital ER. Wednesday I was told the bed should be in , but at this time I did not believe the employees and decided, to get my money, I called the store and spoke with Marquise the Mgr, and told him I ws coming to get a refund, he was rude , and told me initially I was not going to get one, but after talking for alittle while he told me to come to the store. When I got there Marquise stayed on his cell phone never approaching, while another employee, named Darryl, asked what could he help me with, when I made him aware that I would like a refund he rudely told me I could not gety my money back, I was insulted while in the store, yelled at , asked by Darryl While he pointed at his sign ,"CAN YOU READ!" I was so upset I began hyperventalating, and having a asthma attack, in the store. My friend and mom was with me, she yelled for them to call the paramedics, and Darryl asks Is that even neccesssary? They were rude and obnoxious, when the paramedics got there , and helped me off the floor , and to the ambulance the employyees slam closed their doors. Since then I have been further insulted , I have been called a liar, they said I set them up, they have made no attempt to rectify the situation. Before this I had had no asthma attacks in years, and I lived a pretty happy life, I am the mother of six, one of my children have sickle cell disease, this not only affected me but them, I was having anxiety attacks, and depression. I do not have medical Insurance so am further stressed by the medical bills. Their CEO , nor their house Attorney made matters any better, they too, have been rude, and slanderous towards me, my good name.

No customer should have to go through this , or have to put up with this. I was apalled to find that this company had many complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. This is not just about me and my situation, but about justice for all customers, and to show Big or Small Businesses that they can both mistreat , & disrespect their customers and get away with it. Please support my petition, for justice,
you may also mail in your support to ,
PO BOX 5623
Columbus GA

No MOney Please, just signatures or letters of support.

The store that comitted these horrid acts is located in Columbus ,Ga
Nationwidewarehouse Furniture
4313 Woodruff Rd

19. Stop transportation and storage to Yucca Mountain

This petition is to ban the transportation and storage of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain. The main reasons being that the choice to use Yucca Mt. as a storage unit was based on politics and not scientific evidence. The storage containments holding the chemicals are little researched and are uncertain to their holding capabilities. Therefore a possiblity of the nuclear waste corroding the canisters and leaking into rising groundwater underneath the mountain. This leading to contamination of our drinking water. Also the accidental case of a spill or accident is a possible action that should not be overlooked. This would result in contaminants in groundwater and pollution to our environment. This is just the beggining to the problems that may come from the continueing storage and transportation of nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain. I would propose on site storage as close to the point of generation as possible to prevent catastrophe of terrorist attack and implement the goals of the long term plans. These storages next to the sites will give time for scientists to study and research further on various geological settings needed for permanent disposal of nuclear waste. Possible suggestions are as follows: geological disposal on land, sub-seaded disposal, and upper mantle disposal. The main aim would be to obtain sufficient data in one or two decades to enable comparisons between these differences. These facts and ideas were based from Lisa Lidwedge of the Institue of Energy and Environmental Research. I strongly support these notions and I am very concerned with the disastorous effects that could come from this continueing process.

20. Support for President Bush and Prime Minister Blair

We the undersigned believe:
Iraq is indeed a threat to not only its own people but to the entire world.
Even if the UN inspectors are able to find nothing, after they have left, Iraq will be free to do as they please. Thus the threat will continue into the future. Saddam and his thugs must be removed from power in Iraq, by force if need be. Thus freeing the good people of Iraq of ruthless tyranny. All weapons of mass destruction must be removed from Iraq.

History must not be allowed to repeat itself. War is a grave thing, yet the only thing that some mad men understand. Diplomacy will not work with the unwilling. Nothing that Sadam or his representatives say can be believed.

The League of Nations did not work for the same reasons that the UN is not working now. The time for diplomacy is long past. We must not wait until thousands are killed before we take action.

We the undersigned further support the United States, President Bush,Great Britain, and Prime Minister Blair.
All of the leaders of the free world should unite behind Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair to end this scourge. Now, before it is too late.

21. Farndon A46 access - Farndon crossroads should have traffic lights

Farndon village residents have to negotiate the A46 when entering or leaving the village. This trunk road is extremely busy and at times perilous. We believe that there needs to be traffic lights at Farndon crossroads to alleviate the risk and prevent any further accidents and subsequent loss of life.

22. Bring back the REAL Brooke English!

We faithful viewers of All My Children adamantly protest the writing for the character Brooke English.

Brooke has been most successfully portrayed as the "UnErica". Brooke was and should be a competent businesswoman, a crusading journalist, and a strong woman. She was and should remain calm when Erica is hysterical, sane when Erica is over the top. The dueling divas, Brooke and Erica, were and should remain one of the most interesting dynamics on AMC.

The Brooke character has suffered since the writers deviated from the "UnErica" formula. The downfall began with the ectopic pregnancy story, further escalated when she shot a man in the back, plummeted further with the heart transplant story, and is about to hit rock bottom by Brooke lying to her fiancée and keeping two innocent children from their mother.

We faithful viewers PROTEST! Bring back the REAL Brooke English! Pine Valley needs a strong heroine. We want our UnErica back.

23. Kasi Lemmons to direct "Candyman:Forever"

His congregation is beginning to lose faith. He is the writing on the
wall, the whisper in the classroom. Without these things he is

Kasi Lemmons is the talented breakout director of 1997's critical favorite
"Eve's Bayou" starring Samuel L. Jackson. She later directed him again in the film "The Caveman's Valentine". Kasi Lemmons may resonate more
familiarity as the Candyman's fearful victim in the first of the series'
film as Bernadette.

With her close ties to the series of Candyman and the debut film she
directed in the same vein of the Clive Barker film for which she is most
noteworthy she'd be an excellent choice to further tell the tale of the
great urban legend. Sign the petition to elect Kasi Lemmons as the director
of "Candyman: Forever".

I see this film telling the story from Daniel Robitaille's (Candyman) other
bloodline (i.e. his black family descendants of slaves). Envious of the
forbidden love he was denied, Candyman seeks a new victim within his family
by mirroring the same tragedy he experienced once ago.

24. Impose sanctions against EU

This petition is to impose further trade sunctions against the European Union in case of Eastern Expansion.
The European Union is tending to seek profit from slavery labour in Poland and other Eastern Countries after expansion.


On February 28, 2002, began random shop times, making it harder for people to purchase items from the shops. This procedure was put into place to prevent the use of autobuyers, thusly making their site further addictive. Neopets needs to realize that the reason people are cheating is because they, THEMSELVES, have made items so hard to buy, that cheating/scamming have become big problems. needs to realize that if items were more readily available and affordable, this problem would cease. Punishing ALL players by making a more complicated buying process and random stock times is ridiculous, the answer lies within better HTML coding, and more available/affordable items. NOT IN PUNSIHING EXISTING PLAYERS.

26. Request for Stop Sign at intersection of Thelma and Judson

There have been numerous automobile accidents at the intersection of Thelma Drive and Judson Road in Olmos Park. Installation of a four-way stop sign would greatly diminish the probability of further accidents and/or fatalities.