Adam Powell
United States of America

On February 28, 2002, Neopets.com began random shop times, making it harder for people to purchase items from the shops. This procedure was put into place to prevent the use of autobuyers, thusly making their site further addictive. Neopets needs to realize that the reason people are cheating is because they, THEMSELVES, have made items so hard to buy, that cheating/scamming have become big problems.

Neopets.com needs to realize that if items were more readily available and affordable, this problem would cease. Punishing ALL players by making a more complicated buying process and random stock times is ridiculous, the answer lies within better HTML coding, and more available/affordable items. NOT IN PUNSIHING EXISTING PLAYERS.

By signing this petition you agree that neopets.com is only making the problem bigger by having random stocking times, you agree further that neopets should resume set stock times, and find other means of abolishing autobuyers/scammers on their site.

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