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Howell Township Mayor & Council
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Eight years ago the plans for the Wall Township Hidden View development was introduced. The plans proposed access from Cherry & Red Bud lanes in the Ramtown section of Howell. The Howell Council took action against this proposel. The NJ Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing access to Hidden View from Cherry & Red Bud lanes. Plan B was to build a bridge over the Garden State Parkway which proved to be to daunting. The new plan calls for access to Hidden View via a new $750,000.00 "T" intersection at Jacob Road in the Forest Ridge development.

This plan is a result of complaints from the residents in and around the Cherry & Red Bud Lane area. While no one wants the access road in their area, to move it to another area is just shifting the burden. The Cherry & Red Bud Lane area has numerous alternate routes to Newtons Corner Road. The Forest Ridge area has extremely limited access to Newton Corner Road for vehicles from 177 new homes.

This "T" intersection if built will pose a serious threat to safety and well being of the children and all residents in the Forest Ridge development. Direct access to Newton Corner road or another main road should be found. Builing a new access road that funnels the traffic from 177 new homes trough ANY existing residential development must not be allowed.

We demand that the Howell Township Major & Council abolish the plans for the "T" intersection access road for the Hidden View development at Jacobs Road.

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