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1. Save Our Helipad - Coomba Park

A proposal as been put forward to demolish the Coomba Park Emergency Helipad on the NSW Mid Coast and to construct a Chapel in its place.

The Helipad, while only used several times a year by the Emergency services, is a critical piece of life and property saving community infrastructure, essential to the residents and visitors on and around the south and western shores and hinterland of Wallis Lake.

The Helipad provides a crucial landing area for Medical Helicopters in our remote region and its removal could see seriously ill or injured patients having to travel up to one and a half hours in an Ambulance rather than a 20 minute flight while being monitored by a Doctor.

The Helipad is also used by Rescue and Fire Fighting helicopters in times when bush fires in our rural setting threaten the property and lives of not just those who visit and live here, but also those on the ground who are trying to protect us.

2. Protect Our CFA Volunteers

The CFA and its wonderful volunteers are currently under attack by the UFU, who have bypassed the Minister to negotiate directly with the Premier. The UFU are effectively making volunteers second class citizens in the CFA.

We must send a message to Daniel Andrews to support his Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett and say NO to the UFU demands which include:

UNION veto over equipment, vehicles and clothing issued by the CFA.
VOLUNTEER support staff to be replaced and covered by career firefighters over time.
UNION firefighters to report only to other paid staff and not to volunteers when responding to incidents.
SEVEN paid firefighters on CFA fire grounds before firefighting starts.

Our Volunteers are to be valued, not to be treated as second class citizens to militant UFU union members.

3. Conduct a Parliamentary Enquiry into the Waroona / Harvey bushfires

We are deeply concerned about the recent bushfire in the Waroona / Harvey and request a Parliamentary Enquiry.

4. Allow Washington, DC PEPCO Customers to opt-out of having a wireless "smart" meter as Maryland PEPCO Customers can

On August 10th, 2012, Councilmember Alexander released the following Press release:

Councilmember Alexander Requests PSC to Investigate
Pepco’s Smart Meters, Opt-out Policy

After receiving numerous complaints from Pepco customers, Councilmember Yvette M. Alexander and the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee are requesting that the Public Service Commission (PSC) investigate any health, safety and privacy issues related to the installation of the smart meter.

Since the smart meters were deployed in September 2010, Pepco customers have expressed their unease with the new device and have inquired about an opt-out policy that will prevent the installation or the transmission of data from already installed meters. Throughout the United States, opt-out provisions have been approved by state commissions and legislatures and several were adopted after the deployment of the smart meter. Councilmember Alexander as well as the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee believe that this investigation will provide much needed answers to the inquiring public.

“It is essential for the PSC to take a long, hard look at the concerns raised by the residents and to determine if there is anything that Pepco can do differently to better serve its customers,” said Councilmember Alexander. “As legislatures, it is our duty to not only listen to our residents, but to show them that we have done everything in our power to help alleviate their concerns.

On August 16, 2012, PECO (The Philadelphia Electric Company) suspended installation of their "smart" meters due to fires and over-heating.

See: (Illinois , GE Meter - Note: PEPCO is using GE and Landis & Gyr brand meters) (Georgia) (Texas) - Note: The meters mentioned in this article are Landis & Gyr meters. One of the brands of meters PEPCO is using. Note: They were found to malfunction when they get too hot.

On February 8, 2013 West Monroe Partners was hired by the Commission to start the study. The cost of the study is $108,000 and is for one year. Details can be found here: and concerns here:

Note: The Santa Cruz County, California, Health Agency issued a report, in January of 2012, on the "Health Risks Associated with Smart" Meters" at the request of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. The DC Public Service Commission does not have to reinvent the wheel and can take notice of this report:

and, The Commission twice rejected requests of the Office of Peoples Counsel to have an "opt-out" provision studied arguing that the Council required "all" to have a participate in the "smart" grid. The Council law authorizing the "smart" grid stressed two way communicating devices and did not order that they be "wireless." PEPCO decided to use "wireless" meters as opposed to fiber optic or cable/ethernet (Note: ANC 4B supported the second request of the OPC)

With the growing reports of "smart" meters being connected to fires, health problems (such as headaches, heart palpitations and interference with pace makers and other implanted medical devices) the Commission should to grant an immediate right to "opt-out" for all PEPCO customers while the issue is studied.

5. Stop Smartmeters in Victoria NOW

Victorian Citizens are being forced to have Smartmeters installed without consultation or choice, in total disregard for what they believe are their human rights:

* to protection from hazards to their health and safety;
* to choose what is installed in their homes;
* to protection of their economic interests;
* to protection of their privacy;
* to access to adequate information to enable the right to making informed choices according to individual wishes and needs.

There are many concerns regarding smart meters including;

* health issues, including radiation;
* additional cost on households,
* the additional costs of time of use tariffs would impose on households;
* the accuracy of smart meters and the inability of households to check energy consumption levels;
* that installers of smart meters may not be appropriately qualified;
* individuals making it known that they did not want a smart meter installed at their property, or wanted their meter removed being totally disregarded
* problems with wiring, the possibility of fires developing and the loss of appliances following installation and consumers rights for replacement of their assets and appliances
* insurance concerns
* privacy of data collected and concerns over hacking of the system to name the main concerns

For more details on concerns and links to other sites go to and register your details to receive regular updates. More info also at

We look forward to your support and passing this to other Victorian Citizens concerned about their basic rights.

6. Save Our Wide Open Spaces

Canyon Country Coalition for Responsible Renewable Energy

Our coalition includes Property Owner Associations/Communities along the Grand Canyon Corridor (Highway 64). We have many concerns about the proposed Perrin Ranch wind project and our goal is to ask the Coconino County Planning and Zoning Commissioners and Board of Supervisors to declare a MORATORIUM on all conditional use permits for the installation of this wind project until the county and its citizens determine what renewable energy is best for us.

We are not against wind energy but we are against placing an industrial wind project in this corridor. We believe that renewable energy projects, in particular wind energy, must be evaluated in the same way as any industrial power project whether renewable or not.

Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If we destroy the open land leading to this incredible place then how can we hope to preserve the wonder and beauty of this location?

We have to ask is this project really good for our future and our local economy? Is industrial wind power really worth doing if we are going to lose our pristine landscapes and wide open spaces? These 400 foot turbines are permanent and we must examine whether this is the right CHOICE for the Grand Canyon Corridor.

The local economy of Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon Corridor (Highway 64) are based on two major resources: Tourism and Hunting

WIND FARMS are INDUSTRIAL WIND POWER SITES which will not contribute to the protection of our natural resources or local economy! None of the power produced will power our homes or businesses.

The income from our two major resources Tourism and Hunting will always provide more revenue than the proposed income described by NextEra in their presentations or news Ads.

We are very concerned that this project has the potential to:
• Destroy the natural area of the Cataract Canyon Watershed
• Create greater risks for flooding, forest fires, and devastation to the environment & wildlife
• Ruin the views of our wide open spaces from Highway 64 and our properties
• Not conform to the 1992 Red Lake Area Plan regarding industrial development along this corridor
• Increase the risks for more wind turbines in the immediate future to the north and east of our properties as other ranchers are now negotiating with NextEra
• Have an adverse effect on our property values
• There has already been a 27% decrease in property values in the Williams area due to the economic slump and we have good reason to believe this project will decrease our property values further.

As citizens of Coconino County we are asking our county government representatives to oppose the Conditional Use Permit for the Perrin Ranch Wind Project. Our community development commissioners have for years protected the Grand Canyon Corridor from industrialized development and we are asking that they continue this effort by voting against this project and sending the message that this project is NOT the right choice for the Grand Canyon Corridor.

7. Impeach Bush

Impeach Bush for his lies and his attack on our air, water, parks, refuges, rights, oceans, wild life and wildlands to help large corporations make bigger profits. Impeach Bush for pushing bills that make tax payers pay to clean up the pollutors messes.

Impeach Bush to save our country. Impeach Bush to stop the lies and his control over what news we get to see on TV. Stop Bush from selling out our country's most precious treasures to Big Oil and Big Timber. Bush says he will stop forest fires by letting the timber companies cut down the forests, yet only 2% of the area to be clear cut is high risk for fires. Stop Bush's false statements, phony names for legislation like "Clear Skies Bill" Which only means he is allowing more pollution to be pumped into the environment, and people think because of the name it is a good bill.

Stop watching the TV for the truth, it is not there anymore. Bush's dad still works for the Saudi's and the family of BIN LADEN, do you really believe they would destroy that relationship which makes them millions to catch the son or brother of these guys. Get realistic.