The Hon Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria

The CFA and its wonderful volunteers are currently under attack by the UFU, who have bypassed the Minister to negotiate directly with the Premier. The UFU are effectively making volunteers second class citizens in the CFA.

We must send a message to Daniel Andrews to support his Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett and say NO to the UFU demands which include:

UNION veto over equipment, vehicles and clothing issued by the CFA.
VOLUNTEER support staff to be replaced and covered by career firefighters over time.
UNION firefighters to report only to other paid staff and not to volunteers when responding to incidents.
SEVEN paid firefighters on CFA fire grounds before firefighting starts.

Our Volunteers are to be valued, not to be treated as second class citizens to militant UFU union members.


We, the undersigned call on Premier Daniel Andrews to respect the volunteer members of the Country Fire Authority and reject the demands of the United Firefighters Union which seek to attack and undermine the CFA.

We ask that the Premier include the Emergency Services Minister the Hon Jane Garrett in negotiations and the integrity of the CFA be reinforced, not attacked, not undermined.

The safety of CFA members and the safety of the Victorian public are far too important to risk by succumbing to the outrageous demands of the UFU.

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