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Bush has been president for 4 years now, starting 4 more. My whole family despises Bush and is a little depressed that he got elected again. I'm sure some of you Kerry/Gore supporters are a bit depressed,too. I know I am.

Bush has started the war on Iraq, and he still doesn't have a plan to get us out of Iraq. Innocent people have gotten killed over there because of Bush.

I personally do not have anything against Bush as a person, but he's just not fit to be president. A lot of my friends are voting for Bush because Kerry is for abortion. Kerry's Catholic! It's against his religion!Cheney is surely going to go to jail in the next 4 years. The Bush/Cheney campaign has lied to the USA for the past 4 years,and they're just going to keep on lying. I say,stop the lies!Impeach Bush!

We want to impeach George W. Bush, will you sign the petition?

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