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1. Sign The Petition: Protect Our 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Year after year, The People's Right to Bear Arms enshrined in the 2nd Amendment finds itself under attack from both gun control advocates and politicians. These attacks on our God-given Right to Bear Arms often masquerade as increasingly complex background check provisions necessary to protect the public from violent criminals when in fact they are taxation gimmicks and firearm registration schemes designed to allow the Federal Government to maintain a database of gun owners.

Simple semi-automatic firearms are vilified as being “assault weapons” because of their outward appearance and magazine capacity. This absurd characterization of so-called assault weapons not only leads to them eventually being banned, but also emboldens gun control proponents to push for further needless and costly regulation and unconstitutional infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights.

A 2015 report titled “Sources of guns to dangerous people: What we learn by asking them” conducted by experts from Duke University, NBER, University of Chicago Crime Lab and the University of Chicago have revealed that gun shops and gun shows are not the source for guns used by criminals, stated as such in the report’s conclusion: "it is rare for offenders to buy from licensed dealers, and also rare for them to steal their guns. Rather, the predominant sources of guns to offenders are family, acquaintances, fellow gang members — which is to say, members of their social network". Why then do we see this constant attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights in the form of elaborate background check requirements for private firearm transfers at gun shows, restrictions on “assault weapons” and even restricting certain types of ammunition?

If all of the previous was not ridiculous enough, it gets even worse. The same politicians who are tireless advocates for gun control have, since 1992, blocked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from spending ANY of its budget on granting law-abiding citizens relief from firearm disability. That’s right! The Federal law enforcement organization entrusted to enforce the Gun Control Act of 1968 is DENIED the ability to use its budget to process Applications for Restoration of Firearms Privileges -- even though it is allowed under the Gun Control Act! This is an inconceivable attack on the 2nd Amendment! Anyone attempting to obtain online the appropriate form to restore their firearm privileges is greeted with the following message:

“Effective immediately, ATF is no longer making the Application for Restoration of Firearms Privileges (ATF Form 3210.1) available on the website due to Congressional appropriation restrictions that have been in effect since October 1992.”

Enough is enough! It is time to teach Congress that they are not above the law. It is time for Congress to learn that they work for The People. It is time for Congress to accept that they are there to support our existing laws and to end their petty attempts to stop our government from working for Americans and our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.

2. Allow the sale of firearms on Facebook

Facebook has been a much safer and more consistent place to sell items than craigslist since the sell tab was released.

It is legal to sell firearms in a person to person transaction at an FFL in the majority of states.

Facebook should not bend to the governments pressure to disallow the sale and discussion of firearms under the first and second amendments.

3. Review the Oppresive Firearm Act: Nigerians should own Guns without legal impediments

The Nigerian firearms act of 1990 is one of the most reprehensible laws of Nigeria as seen at the website

This law snatches the power to bear arms and self defense from citizens and empowers religious fanatics and extremists who have killed thousands of Nigerians. Of note is the Boko haram insurgency which targets peaceful law-abiding citizens. Armed robbery attacks are on the increase. Militancy, religious fundamentalism and kidnapping are the order of the day.

There is mounting evidence that outlaws abound when they know that their targets are unable to defend themselves.

It is imperative that Nigerians be allowed to enforce their rights to life. Right to life and Freedom from oppression is guaranteed in the Nigerian constitution. Only an armed person can be free.

4. Dont Tread On Me or the Constitution

President Obama and his "gun control task force" are seeking to destroy the second amendment of the United States Constitution. The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect us from tyrannical governments and for self-defense.

The proposed legislation from the Obama Administration would make the vast majority of law abiding gun owners instant felons and criminals. The fact is that gun bans do not work, look at England for example, their statistics show that after the 1998 gun ban their murder rate went up by 14%.

To keep Americans safe, we need to have increased security in our schools, public places, and no more "gun free zones." Please sign this petition to help stop the gun ban, magazine ban, ammo ban, and/or any legislation that infringes on the 2nd amendment.


Every day we hear about the bad in the world, and any man or women can see that we are living in the bottleneck of war. It is at this point in our global society where every man and woman should have a gun.

I'm not an american, nor do i agree with everyone having a gun at all times. This is because not everyone needs a gun at all times. With the situation in the wold only growing more dire and closer to war ever day i propose that every man & woman 20 and over should be provided with a 9mm pistol in times of crisis. While the military is off at war who is protecting you at home? There is no one stopping someone from coming into our home with their gun and taking advantage of you and your child. Some people may think putting guns on the streets of Canada is just adding to the problem when there is clearly enough death on our streets. This is the thing there are already guns on the streets in the hands of BAD people what's wrong with giving those perfectly SANE perfectly responsible people a gun in a time of crisis.

I and many people who i have spoken to believe that at the age of 19 you should be properly trained to use a gun, and given your licence, NOT YOUR WEAPON. this is just one of the precautions that we would have to take. Plus all guns will be registered, guns are not cheap, but whats more important than the protection of our citizens and our families... i cant think of anything, can you ? the gist of what i'm saying is that every man at the age of 19 should be properly trained and given a gun. This gun will be kept in a designated place their should be a few in each city so your gun is no more then 20 minutes away from your home closer would be better, This will ensure that these guns are not used to commit acts of unrighteous unjustifiably violence. their may come a time when everyone wishes this had been made a right but by then it would have been to late, whats wrong with this idea no one gets their gun to walk the streets, and you cannot pick up your fire-arm unless we are in a time of crisis.

What justifies crisis WILL need to be reevaluated. But as the president of the NRA in America said "we already know the bad guys have guns, whats wrong with putting a gun in the hands of good, trained, men and women in a crisis. i cant find an reason why this is a bad idea but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion.

6. Keep Our Local Gun Range in the Redlands OPEN

In Our community, a friend of ours has been unnecessarily beaten down by the LOCAL political machine. We're all aware of "Henry's", a well established and enduring Outdoor Sport Shooting and Training Range South West of the Redlands of Homestead.

The Range, owned by Henry & Betty Ladue since 1994 has come 'under fire' by several entities as of late in order to shut it down completely. It has even been said that there lacked community backing/need for use of the range.

Henry has complied with every request of many public hearings and code requirements and is still being harassed by an unregulated office (Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) not having oversight but with the power to say whether we can have an outdoor gun range or not. We believe that our Florida State Statute 790.333 and Our 2nd Amendment guarantees we can exercise the rights provided therein on this property. Please also make your support known to the Zoning Department - Franklin Gutierrez - FAX (305) 372-6106 and be sure to include this Dade Planning & Zoning Process Number Z2009000114

7. Re-Legalise Semi auto .22s & semi-auto/pump shotguns in Australia

Help re-legalise semi automaic .22 caliber rifles as well as semi automatic and pump action shotguns in Australia, for the use of hunting and target shooting by responisble, licenced Sporting Shooters.

Banning these firearms in 1996 has had absolutely no effect on the rate of murders involving firearms or on the rate of armed robberies using a firearm.

The Howard government spent more than $500Million on a "buy back" to try and prevent shooters from enjoying the sport they love - money which could have been invested in a worthwhile cause, such as improving the mental helath system.

8. Remove restrictions and tax on firearm noise suppressors

Firearm noise suppressors are used in countries like Finland to reduce noise pollution and to protect the hearing of people and animals. These devices are not weapons, and should not be treated as such. Most suppressors reduce noise levels from a level that would cause hearing damage to a safe level. If a criminal wanted to commit a nefarious act with a firearm, they wouldn't go through the trouble and expense of buying a registered suppressor, when they could build one easily and for very little cost. The waiting period for a legal suppressor is around 3 to 6 months, and there is a $200 transfer tax. Suppressors, often referred to as "silencers", do not make firearms silent, they only make them safer. Also, suppressors reduce recoil, providing a great benefit for those who cannot handle heavy recoil.

In Finland the government encourages the use of suppressors to reduce noise pollution, hearing loss, and the number of hearing aids the government has to buy. Before congress passed a law restricting suppressors, using a suppressed firearm was considered the polite way to shoot.