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1. Reevaluate U.S. FDA Blood Donation Deferral Policy

Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) excludes men who have had sex with another man anytime since 1977, the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, from donating blood. This policy has been in place since 1992, when it was revised from a lifetime ban.

In December of 2014, the FDA released a statement that the policy will be reevaluated for the ban on men who have sex with other men (MSM) leaning toward a one year deferral period. This is, however, far longer than the period of 23 days after infection when HIV tests can detect the virus.

In the best interest of avoiding blood supply contamination, the FDA should consider the addition of deferrals for high-risk behaviors; such as lack of safe sex practices or high number of sexual partners. Maintaining a ban on MSM while ignoring others at high risk for HIV is discriminatory and excluding a social group as opposed to a high-risk behavior.

2. Embrace E-Cigarettes for the Good of Public Health

We urge legislators to fully support e-cigarettes in the coming regulation. There is considerable evidence for their short-term safety, and no reason whatsoever to expect any significant danger over the long term.

Current scientific opinion supports the notion that e-cigarettes can drastically reduce the rates of smoking-related illness and death. The FDA appears set to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products, and thereby subject a life-saving product to rules designed for a life-ending one. This would be a false step, and the accompanying stringent legislation would crush much of the industry and thereby impact on the appeal of e-cigarettes to smokers hoping to reduce their harm.

It is integral to acknowledge the fact that they are vastly safer than combusted tobacco in the coming regulation, and refuse to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way.


3. Support GMO Free Labels

Genetically modified foods have been around for millennium. However, the foods that have been created in the last 20 or so years (franken foods) mix the genes of different species. There is a movement on to force companies to label their foods that contain GMO's.

They are fighting back like hell and they will never give in. I propose that the FDA create a GMO FREE label ( I chose the color green) of uniform color and shape that companies whose products contain no GMO's could put on their products. WE DON'T NEED THE COOPERATION OF THE BAD GUYS! WE CAN REWARD THE GOOD GUYS!

People will look for that green label and buy those products left and right. We can leave the GMO containing food producers in the dust by coming from the other direction.

4. Mandatory birth control counseling and awareness

My 21 yr. old sister, Justine died due to a birth control side effect, know as a pulmonary embolism. She was not educated of the risks or side effects.

To prevent this from happening to another female or loved one, please sign this petition and help prevent another statistic from occurring.

5. GUT WRENCHING! Tell FDA to Remove Toxin (Carrageenan) from Food

Rates of digestive diseases are rising—ranging from widespread digestive discomfort (“belly bloat,” “spastic colon,” Irritable Bowel Syndrome) to serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases such as ulcerative colitis and colon cancer.

For decades, scientists conducting laboratory animal experiments using the common food additive carrageenan have found higher rates of gastrointestinal inflammation, colitis-like disease, and even colon cancer.

Carrageenan is a convenient and unique food additive for the food industry, and selling carrageenan is a profitable enterprise for a handful of chemical corporations. For decades, these companies have spread misinformation—often, outright lies—about carrageenan’s safety.

Carrageenan can be found in many foods, even foods labeled “natural” and “organic.” It is widely used in dairy products (chocolate milk, whipping cream, ice cream, nonfat sour cream), frozen dinners, dairy alternatives (soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk), prepared poultry and cold cuts, nutritional drinks, and even infant formula.

And who has been more than willing to listen to the corporate scientists rather than to the scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health? That’s right: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In June 2012, the FDA rejected a citizen petition by the nation’s preeminent publicly funded scientist and carrageenan expert, who formally requested that carrageenan be removed from our food supply.

Sign the petition below, and let the FDA know that it’s time to act in the interest of our health and safety. Carrageenan is a dangerous food additive, and should be removed from the list of allowed additives!

The FDA’s shameless catering to corporate interests has to end.

6. AEDs Save Lives. Let's Keep Them Readily Available.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death in the U.S., affecting more than 1,000 people of all ages every day. On average, only 10% of victims survive. Survival rates increase to 38% when victims are treated by bystanders with automated external defibrillators (AEDs). If the national survival rate increased to 38%, more than 100,000 additional lives could be saved each year.

The FDA, however, is considering new regulations that will drastically reduce access to the user-friendly lifesaving devices. The FDA is in the process of reclassifying “pre-amendment class III devices,” including AEDs. If AEDs are reclassified as class III devices, unnecessary regulatory hurdles will increase and access to early defibrillation will decrease, drastically reducing the odds of survival for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

If you are someone who works every day to help save lives, or if you have been personally affected by SCA and understand the critical importance of early defibrillation, please express your concerns to the FDA now, before their determination is made. A decision is anticipated by June 2013.

7. Challenge FDA to set gluten free to be 0 parts per million

In 2009, the FDA set the allowable gluten-free label to be applied to food and beverages at 20 parts per million or less. That's fine for people with gluten sensitivity, but not for people with Celiac Disease (complete gluten intolerance).

Gluten is a protein found in rye, wheat, barley, and other grains, malts, vinegars, beverages, etc..

Please help establish a 0 parts per million criteria for any product to be labeled gluten free. Digestive systems and lives are at stake.

Thank you!

8. Remove Unwanted Food Additive BHA

BHA is a potentially Cancer causing carcinogen that the United States FDA approves the Nationwide use of.

Meanwhile other countries (such as in Asia and Europe) have stepped forward by placing a ban to stop the use of BHA as an food preservative.

The US National Institutes of Health report that BHA is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals. In particular, when administered in high doses as part of their diet, BHA causes papillomas and squamous cell carcinomas of the forestomach in rats and Syrian golden hamsters.

9. Save the Population: Stand Up To Dangerous Toxic Chemical Bisphosphonates

Stand up to harmful dangerous toxic chemical Bisphosphonates Drugs that dates back to the 1800’s…Osteoporosis Drugs claim to cure or prevent Osteoporosis, cause cancer of the esophagus, stomach, lungs, breast, liver, and varies other cancers.

They also cause broken bones, femur fractures, thigh pain, osteonecrosis of the jaw known, as phossy jaw, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, bleeding from the rectum, black tarry bloody stools, swelling around the neck, swelling under the eyes, spots on the lungs and tumors in the liver. These are not all the side effect from Actonel Risedronate sodium and all other Bisphosphonates.

Fact: Actonel and all other Bisphosphonates cause life threatening side effects, including deaths in Humans and Animals.

Fact: Actonel severe adverse side effects have been known and proven to occur, as early as, eight months in a patient, not to mention all other Bisphosphonates.

Fact: This Osteoporosis drug that breaks bones and cause cancer is combined and link to phosphorous/phosphonic, phosphonic acid and Phosphoric/phosphoric acid, along with formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, ethylene oxide and a host of other dangerous combined combination of drugs.

Like calcium, the bones need phosphorous to stay strong. However, ingesting Phosphonic acid/phosphorous or phosphoric acid in medication over time can cause phosphorous levels to climb too high. This will limit the amount of calcium the bones can absorb, which will lead to weak, breakable bones.

Phosphorus acids/white phosphorus erode the teeth and gums, leaving cavities that fill with bacterial infection producing pus, weakening the jaw bone, sometimes until the jaw abscess, rots and falls out. Surgical removal of the afflicted jaw bones was sometimes necessary to save the patient’s life. Otherwise, death from organ failure would invariably result. It is possible to develop this condition many years after having stopped taking the dangerous bisphosphonates.

White phosphorus is known as yellow phosphorus, red and black phosphorus can be converted to white phosphorus by heating it under pressure. Osteonecrosis of the jaw is not the first, but is known, as the second dangerous severe epidemic of phossy jaw, which was known as the first epidemic of bone cancer in the upper jaw and the jawbone in the 1800's.

The most chronic phosphorus poisoning is osteomyelitis of the jaw bones.

Phossy jaw is a form of bone cancer caused by bisphosphonate. Since the 1800’s the old disease, namely phossy jaw, name has been change. Phossy jaw new name is osteonecrosis of the jaw, which is also caused by bisphosphonate that contains white phosphorous.

Fact: A so called, small trace of Actonel’s dangerous chemical mixture, which contains, White phosphorous/phosphonic, crospovidone/polyvinylpyrrolidone, which contains formaldehyde, Polyethylene glycol, which contains formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, as well as, titanium dioxide, mixed with other small traces of dangerous chemicals and contaminants that cause cancer are excessively, dangerous and a deadly explosive pill for humans and animals to ingested.

NOTED: When humans and animals Ingested one dose of Actonel into their bodies, they have ingested 2 doses of formaldehyde (a chemical that is known to cause cancer), a dose of 1,4dioxane (a contaminants that may cause cancer), a dose of ethylene oxide (cause cancer), a dose of Phosphorous (causes bone cancer, bones to break, phossy jaw and Osteonecrosis of the jaw) along, with more doses of other dangerous toxic chemicals, as well.

Actonel risedronate and all other bisphosphonates must be taken off the market immediately, until more proven studies have been done to make these drugs safe for the consumers.

Like most medications, Actonel and other bisphosphonates, truthful, informing or surprised information will not be given to the consumers, because of the Trade Secret Law, which allow Pharmaceutical Companies to not list all the ingredients, chemicals and contaminants in their medications, on the product labels, even if the medication cause cancer or deaths...

10. Break up the FDA

The FDA was originally founded during a time when consumable products were not always what they seemed. During that time, before big pharmaceutics or large farms were even dreamed of, the two combined- food and drugs- was not an issue. Now, it is.

Food and drugs are two completely separate things. One is a necessity for life and the other is for health and improvement of the human body. These two things being one means less control over either part and more power to the heads of this entity. It cannot keep itself straight for all the grand amounts of information that must be kept straight. It has shown its loss of potency and power the last decade as it passed fatal drugs for us to consume and allows new breeds of plants to be promoted with little prior inspection.

It has become the lap dog of big seed companies such as Monsanto (search for bills H.R. 875, H.R. 2741, and H.R. 759) and large pharmacological companies (look up Posicor and Lipitor for more). They also spend our money trying to ban natural foods and supplements while letting unnatural drugs continue to harm and kill.
Please read and sign this petition. Our food (as it comes to us), our agriculture (the way our food is grown and produced), our medical and surgical devices (from a new scapula design to a new form of radiation treatment), and drugs should be treated as separate and unique processes and should, therefore, each have their own bureaucracy.

11. Let Homosexuals donate blood

Since 1977 Homosexuals have not been allowed to donate blood for any reason under any circumstances. This is a flawed rule from a flawed system.

It is our goal to change that rule to allow for a more equal America.

12. Stop Attacking Access to Dietary Supplements via Fraudulent Legislation

Senator John McCain is sponsoring S.3002, the "Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010". So far Senator Dorgan is the only cosponsor. This dubiously named bill will supposedly "protect consumers" from allegedly "unsafe" dietary supplements by creating a ton of unnecessary red tape- see: S.3002 would gut the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, enabling the FDA to drive huge numbers of dietary supplement companies out of business.

The FDA has a well known public bias against dietary supplements and has a long history of acting as a Trade Association for Big Pharma. Congress must not give them unfettered ability to attack the industry when they (and the DEA) already have ample enforcement powers to keep illegal steroids from being sold as "dietary supplements."

13. Allow Fair Blood Donation Policies

In 1983, the United States Food and Drug Administration began to require all blood to be screened. One such required screening was for what we now know as Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Very little was known about the disease and at the time it was known as "gay related immune deficiency." Science has now shown that HIV is not a "gay disease."

The American Red Cross, the naiton's leader in blood collection, has criticized the FDA's policy as "medically and scientifically unwarranted."

All blood that is collected is screened for the HIV virus.

14. Sign Petition To Stop Television Prescription Drug Ads

Statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more deadly than terrorists. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1998, a report finds that prescription drugs kill about 106,000 Americans each year – that’s three times as many as are killed by automobiles—making prescription drug death the fourth leading killer after heart disease, cancer and stroke.


Last year, the Journal of the American Medical Association puts death from all drugs, illegal and prescription, second only behind car accidents as a cause of death.

The rise in deaths coincides with the direct marketing of prescription medication to the public. Prescription drug sales have soared nearly 500 percent since 1990.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-trillion dollar business. Companies spend billions on advertising and promotions for prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical companies claim their drug ads are "educational" to the public. The public seems to genuinely believe that drugs advertised on TV are safe, in spite of the plethora of side effects listed. Many of these drugs have proven deadly.

Every day it’s estimated 2,500 teens abuse a prescription pain killer for the first time.

The White House Office of National Drug Control policy had been planning to unveil an ad campaign to target prescription drug abuse by teens. It is time to stop this form of advertising by the pharmaceutical companies.

15. Maintain the Integrity of Our Raw Almonds

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1) USDA MANDATE MADE WITHOUT HEARING PUBLIC: As of September 1, 2007, all raw almonds in North America are being pasteurized due to USDA mandate. This mandate came when the Almond Board of California requested it to the USDA. Before a decision like this is ever made, there is a window of time for the public to be heard on the subject; however, in this case, the Almond Board moved so quietly and behind the scenes, that the public missed the opportunity for their voices to be heard. UPDATE: WORD IS, THERE HAS BEEN AN EXTENSION ON THIS MANDATE TO MARCH 2008. HOWEVER, IT IS ONLY BECAUSE THE INDUSTRY DOES NOT HAVE THE PASTEURIZATION PROCESSES IN PLACE. WE WANT TO REOPEN THE DISCUSSION FOR PUBLIC COMMENT ON THIS ISSUE.

2) FALSE LABELING: These almonds will continue to be labeled as raw. The USDA and the Almond Board believes that labeling them as pasteurized will only "confuse consumers."

3) CARCINOGENIC PASTEURIZATION PROCESS: The process for pasteurizing almonds involves the use of carcinogens known to be far more dangerous than the two outbreaks of salmonella that have occurred in almonds in the last 150 years.

4) DETRIMENTAL COST IMPACT ON THE SMALL AND ORGANIC ALMOND FARMER: Pasteurizing almonds will have a detrimental impact on the small and organic almond growers of California who will not be able to cost-effectively implement a pasteurization system and stay in business.

5) DETRIMENTAL IMPACT ON RAW FOODISTS AND OTHER HEALTH ADVOCATES: Pasteurizing almonds will have a detrimental impact on health advocates and a growing movement of raw foodists. They maintain that living and raw foods are not only essential to a long life with vitality, but that raw almonds are a large and important staple of a 100% raw diet. The fats, proteins and enzymes in these almonds and other nuts are critical to maintaining their healthy diet choices.

Initial Reason for Pasteurization Request:
The Almond Board of California requested the mandate to avoid any potential legal ramifications in their future. They were concerned about two outbreaks of salmonella that occurred in the last 150 years (one in 2001 and one in 2004). In both cases, the almonds in question were processed in large manufacturing sites. No organic almonds grown by small farmers in the area have ever caused a problem.

The pasteurization process that is in place employs the use of a highly toxic and carcinogenic substance that was once used as racing fuel. It was found to be too dangerous for race cars so it is no longer used, but it is ok to spray it all over our almonds. This substance is called Propylene Oxide. Propylene Oxide is outlawed for food use in almost every country but the United States.

In addition to using Propylene Oxide to pasteurize one of nature's best natural foods, a steam and heat process will be involved that will essentially break down the living organisms in the almond, turning it from a "raw and living food" to a "cooked and dead" food.

Health advocates and especially raw foodists take issue with this mandate because the integrity of the almond-infrastructure will be severely destroyed. Raw almonds have living enzymes that are known to cure and prevent disease such as heart disease and cancer.

Small and local farmers of this important California heritage will be impacted most. Implementing a pasteurization system is too costly (approximately $.5 to $2.5 million dollars). Mandating this system will effectively drive the small organic farmer out of business. Consumers will be left with non-organic almonds that are processed in large manufacturing plants, heated, cooked, steamed, and sprayed with a carcinogenic substance that is outlawed for food use in almost every country but the United States.

Consumers no longer have a choice to eat the almonds they want, because they are not being told that the almonds they are eating are pasteurized. In fact, are now being misled by false labeling that states that the almonds are raw.

For more info, please go to:

16. Remove Dr. W. David Hager from the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee

The FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee makes crucial decisions on matters relating to drugs used in the practice of obstetrics, gynecology and related specialties, including hormone therapy, contraception, treatment for infertility, and medical alternatives to surgical procedures for sterilization and pregnancy

Dr. W. David Hager, recently re-appointed to a position on the committee, is the author of "As Jesus Cared for Women: Restoring Women Then and Now." The book blends biblical accounts of Christ healing women with case studies from Hager's practice. His views of reproductive health care are far outside the mainstream for reproductive technology. Dr. Hager is a practicing OB/GYN who describes himself as "pro-life" and refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women. In the book Dr. Hager wrote with his wife, entitled "Stress and the Woman's Body," he suggests that women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome should seek help from reading the bible and praying.

As an editor and contributing author of "The Reproduction Revolution: A Christian Appraisal of Sexuality Reproductive Technologies and the Family," Dr. Hager appears to have endorsed the medically inaccurate assertion that the common birth control pill is an abortifacient.

We are concerned that Dr. Hager's strong religious beliefs may color his assessment of technologies that are necessary to protect women's lives or to preserve and promote women's health. Dr. Hager's track record of using religious beliefs to guide his medical decision-making makes him a dangerous and inappropriate candidate to serve as chair of this committee. Critical drug public policy and research must not be held hostage by anti-abortion politics. Members of this important panel should be appointed on the basis of science and medicine, rather than politics and religion. American women deserve no less.

The section of the Code of Federal Regulations dealing with the FDA states that "A nonvoting member does not represent any particular organization or group, but rather represents all interested persons within the class which the member is selected to represent." [Title 21, Subchapter A, Part 14, Section 14.86(c).] Dr. Hager does not represent all women, and should not be permitted his imposition of religious views on them. Further, Section 14.80 of the same chapter and part states that members of a policy advisory committee "Shall have diverse interests, education, training, and experience" - Dr. Hager's rigid and intolerant religous stance is hardly indicative of broad interest or sufficient training and experience. This section also allows for the removal of committee members for good cause.

Please sign this petition to show that you believe that Dr. Hager's lack of regard for women's health is a good cause for his removal from the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee.

17. Petition Against CDC, USDA and FDA Exotic Animal Ban

We, the undersigned, petition the President of the United States George W. Bush, and the agencies of Food and Drug Administrations, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We the people disagree and protest the Food and Drug Administration ruling, (21 CFR Parts 16 and 1240 [Docket No. 2003N-0400] RIN 0910-ZA21). Also the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (42 CFR Part 71).

We feel that these two agencies are using their power to halt the trade of exotic animals, foreign and domestic, for personal biased reasons. They are destroying the rights of all pet owners as well as the market for pet food, pet products as well as the pet trade it self.

Neither agency has publicly announced or invited professionals from these trades to help in establishing guidelines, restrictions, and or quarantine possibilities.

No one disputes the importance of protecting the American people from possible epidemics. Neither agency has thought of the consequences of destroying a viable trade to the American people.

With our world growing smaller each and every day, it is of the utmost importance that not only we learn to co-exist with all animals, but invite these animals into our lives to preserve their existence.

We the under signers believe the FDA and CDC can accomplish their task with restrictions, not complete termination of a trade.

Monkeypox is terrible, as is the Flu, and it can be prevented through restrictions and monitoring. We request that these rules not be allowed into the Register and these agencies seek professional assistance from the trade they are out to destroy. Also that they advertise in publications that pertain to the business in which they seek to regulate. We proudly sign this petition with our name, address and phone numbers as to certify our signatures and for future contact pertaining to this matter: