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Stand up to harmful dangerous toxic chemical Bisphosphonates Drugs that dates back to the 1800’s…Osteoporosis Drugs claim to cure or prevent Osteoporosis, cause cancer of the esophagus, stomach, lungs, breast, liver, and varies other cancers.

They also cause broken bones, femur fractures, thigh pain, osteonecrosis of the jaw known, as phossy jaw, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, bleeding from the rectum, black tarry bloody stools, swelling around the neck, swelling under the eyes, spots on the lungs and tumors in the liver. These are not all the side effect from Actonel Risedronate sodium and all other Bisphosphonates.



Fact: Actonel and all other Bisphosphonates cause life threatening side effects, including deaths in Humans and Animals.

Fact: Actonel severe adverse side effects have been known and proven to occur, as early as, eight months in a patient, not to mention all other Bisphosphonates.

Fact: This Osteoporosis drug that breaks bones and cause cancer is combined and link to phosphorous/phosphonic, phosphonic acid and Phosphoric/phosphoric acid, along with formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, ethylene oxide and a host of other dangerous combined combination of drugs.

Like calcium, the bones need phosphorous to stay strong. However, ingesting Phosphonic acid/phosphorous or phosphoric acid in medication over time can cause phosphorous levels to climb too high. This will limit the amount of calcium the bones can absorb, which will lead to weak, breakable bones.

Phosphorus acids/white phosphorus erode the teeth and gums, leaving cavities that fill with bacterial infection producing pus, weakening the jaw bone, sometimes until the jaw abscess, rots and falls out. Surgical removal of the afflicted jaw bones was sometimes necessary to save the patient’s life. Otherwise, death from organ failure would invariably result. It is possible to develop this condition many years after having stopped taking the dangerous bisphosphonates.

White phosphorus is known as yellow phosphorus, red and black phosphorus can be converted to white phosphorus by heating it under pressure. Osteonecrosis of the jaw is not the first, but is known, as the second dangerous severe epidemic of phossy jaw, which was known as the first epidemic of bone cancer in the upper jaw and the jawbone in the 1800's.

The most chronic phosphorus poisoning is osteomyelitis of the jaw bones.

Phossy jaw is a form of bone cancer caused by bisphosphonate. Since the 1800’s the old disease, namely phossy jaw, name has been change. Phossy jaw new name is osteonecrosis of the jaw, which is also caused by bisphosphonate that contains white phosphorous.

Fact: A so called, small trace of Actonel’s dangerous chemical mixture, which contains, White phosphorous/phosphonic, crospovidone/polyvinylpyrrolidone, which contains formaldehyde, Polyethylene glycol, which contains formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide, as well as, titanium dioxide, mixed with other small traces of dangerous chemicals and contaminants that cause cancer are excessively, dangerous and a deadly explosive pill for humans and animals to ingested.

NOTED: When humans and animals Ingested one dose of Actonel into their bodies, they have ingested 2 doses of formaldehyde (a chemical that is known to cause cancer), a dose of 1,4dioxane (a contaminants that may cause cancer), a dose of ethylene oxide (cause cancer), a dose of Phosphorous (causes bone cancer, bones to break, phossy jaw and Osteonecrosis of the jaw) along, with more doses of other dangerous toxic chemicals, as well.

Actonel risedronate and all other bisphosphonates must be taken off the market immediately, until more proven studies have been done to make these drugs safe for the consumers.

Like most medications, Actonel and other bisphosphonates, truthful, informing or surprised information will not be given to the consumers, because of the Trade Secret Law, which allow Pharmaceutical Companies to not list all the ingredients, chemicals and contaminants in their medications, on the product labels, even if the medication cause cancer or deaths...

Tell the FDA: Actonel and all other Bisphosphonates cause different types of Cancer, such as, Esophagus Cancer and surgeries, as well as, Femur Fractures, life threatening side effects and deaths in humans and animals.

The FDA must take Bisphosphonates off the market.

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