US Dept. of Agriculture and the US FDA
United States of America

The American Computer Scientists Association has discovered that ALL Tobacco grown in cheap "Calcium Phosphate Based Fertilizers" (CPFs), which were adopted for Tobacco fertilization in use since the late-1940's, contain sufficient radioactive Polonium 210 isotope in them to be the agent responsible for the nearly 100% tumor (benign and malignant) rate found among almost all smokers, leading to the vast majority of Smoking-related Lung Cancer that occurs in later life. The rise of Smoker's Lung Cancer in the 50's, 60's and after mirrors the usage of CPFs by the Tobacco Farmers.

A glitch in the human bio-physiology allows Nicotine in Cigarettes to promote these cancers by blocking "apoptosis" and "apopto-genesis": that normally removes damaged tissue, replacing it, but in the Lungs of Cigarette Smokers and Passive Smoke victims it is inhibited by Nicotine. Over 1.5 million people die every year of cigarette smoking related Lung Cancer globally, 150,000 IN AMERICA ALONE. Lung Cancer is a slow, painfully traumatic disease that results in death.

To HALT the progression of Lung Cancer from smoking, the Tobacco Farmers and Tobacco Industry must REPLACE CPFs and use only Safe Fertilizers in growing Tobacco, and CLEAN up the polluted lands of the Growers...

I hereby insist that the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture immediately compel Tobacco Farmers and Tobacco companies to grow Tobacco using SAFE FERTILIZER. Today's use of Calcium Phosphate Fertilizers (CPFs) MUST BE OUTLAWED.

CPF use leads to human radiation exposure from the cumulative effects of several decades exposure to toxic POLONIUM 210 found in CPFs as they light up. Combined with cell regeneration interruption or "apoptosis" by NICOTINE found in Tobacco, Calcium Phosphate Fertilizer is the DIRECT and PROVEN CAUSE of LUNG CANCER among Smokers in 98% of all cases.

Even trace quantities of any Polonium 210, the most dangerous radiogenic poison known to man, in Cigarettes, as that plus Nicotine are THE ROOT CAUSE of Lung Cancer among 150,000 smokers who die every year in America.

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