People of Saskatchewan

Honey Bee populations all over the world are mysteriously dying and scientists do not understand why. There are many theories ranging from microbes, pesticides, genetically modified crops, to cell phones, to mites, to radiation not to mention water and air pollution. Why are so few concerned by this??

Bees are responsible for the production of a large majority of our food crops. WE EAT VEGGIES BECAUSE OF BEES!!!

Albert Einstein predicted that if something eliminated bees from our planet, mankind would soon perish.
We need to raise awareness of this problem - WHY ARE THE BEES DYING? The Honey Bee feeds the entire world and The Honey Bee is in trouble. All over the world they are dying from unknown causes (Colony Collapse Disorder). There are many theories but we just don't know. Some sources suggest that up to 70 percent of the food crops are pollinated by Honey Bees!!

If the honey bee Dies, There will be BILLIONS more starving people!

I propose that the City of Saskatoon and the people therein recognize May 29, 2010 as the first annual day of the Honey Bee to help raise awareness of CCD.

We, the undersigned call upon the Government of Saskatchewan, the Province of Saskatchewan and the people therein to officially recognize May 29, 2010 as the first annual Day of the Honey Bee.

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