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One Tree Hill is a popular t.v. drama with many fans who support not only the television network, but also the actors who play the characters we love so much.

The television network would not be doing it's fans and supports justice by cancelling the show after season 6. The show has been successful since it's first season, so why is there any discussion or debate on whether or not to cancel the show.

The fan base for One Tree Hill is huge, and continues to grow each season. More and more people are beginning to watch the show and love it just as much as the fans who have been watching since day one.

So, we the fans of One Tree Hill believe and truly feel that the CW Television Network should continue to produce and air One Tree Hill after the finale of season 6.

We, the fans and supporters of the television drama One Tree Hill, call on the CW Television Network to continue to produce and air the hit television drama after the finale of season 6.

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