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MLB has a proposal on the table from DIRECT TV for exclusivity of the EXTRA INNINGS BASEBALL PACKAGE. The proposal is a $100 Million per Yr. (for 7 Yrs.) offer that is $30 Million higher than the $70 million per Yr. offer from CABLE carriers & DISH TV.

This proposal is an complete & utter disregard to the MLB fan base & will decrease the availability to view MLB games. All for a mere million dollars per team that can be recouped in other ways than affecting us the fans.

JUST SAY NO to MLB proposal of DIRECT TV exclusivity.

Let's show MLB our disapproval & let them know we will not stand for the disregard to us the consumers. By signing this petition, we can send a clear message to MLB, just as we did with the strike of 94, that we the fans will not stand for being ignored to the almighty dollar!

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