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Click the link above so you can review for yourself the actual footage of the blatent, obscene and obvious favortism that demands a petition such as this one. It doesn't stop at this game.

The NE Patriots not only used these tactics in 2001 but also during the last few years to defeat many playoff caliber teams to get to the SuperBowl.

This petition will be sent to the NFL comissioner's office as proof many football fans are well aware of the obvious corruption involded in the NFL concerning referee favortism towards specific teams.

How many more NFL games including the Play-offs & SuperBowls are we going to have to listen to the League and Commissioner apoligize for the referees blatent favorable game deciding bad calls that completely change the outcome of the whole NFL season?

It's not a coincidence that the Patriots have been in and won 3 Super Bowls in the past 5 years with such medioca statistics and so many contraversal games.

Since 2001 Robert Kraft the owner of the NE Patriots has lead negotiations of over $30 plus Billion dollars worth of NFL contracts. He is involved in every aspect of the business and holds a chair on every important NFL comittee. His influence has reached the football field.

Robert Kraft was also involved in the 2001 Referee association contract negotiations, I have to believe that would be a major "Conflict of Interest" as an owner of an NFL team. And now it makes perfect sense why the Patriots have been in so many controversial games.

There is only one way to pay for a brand new privately owned $ 800,000,000.00 Stadium, and that is to build and secure your fan base. The only way to accomplish that is by winning football games. Robert Kraft is an accomplished business man who knows how to succeed and will settle for nothing less than a return on his investment.

It's not a coincidence the Patriots just 10 years ago had an NFL worst averaging only 17,000 tickets sales per game, and now after Mr. Kraft has brought Billions of Dollars & contracts into the NFL, he now has 3 SuperBowl Rings, a packed Stadium and the highest priced tickets in the NFL...were else can go to a football game & pay $175.00 for standing room only ?

Sign this Petition to let the NFL know that we are tired of listening to their apoligies every single year, and let both teams on the field play by the same set of rules instead of favoring 1 team over another and the referee's controlling the outcome of the season.

If you Love Football, let this petition make the NFL, Robert Kraft and the other owners be aware we are all concered about and questions the integrity of this sport.

We, the undersigned, will not support the NFL unless it bans Robert Kraft from all NFL committees, because his influence has obviously reached the football field through the referees that control this sport.

Not only will we stop watching the New England Patriots to decrease ratings, we will not purchase any merchandise or NFL related items until we are convinced the commissioners office is serious about returning the Integrity of the NFL.

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