The Brit Awards (BPI)

March 2014 will mark 50 years since the release of Shout, 50 years since Lulu and The Luvvers entered the charts, and 50 years since Lulu emerged as a star!

This accomplishment in the British Music and Entertainment Industry deserves recognition - a special, memorable way to mark the occasion. Lulu is globally successful; loved for that trademark vocal, treasured for that endearing smile and admired for being able to remain current.

Never before has a Solo, British, Female artist been recognised by The Brits for their 'Outstanding Contribution Award' - It's about time that changed. Change is Lulu. That award is Lulu. She's made an Outstanding Contribution!

Proof she's still got it, never lost it?
Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/lulubritpetition?feature=watch

We, the undersigned, call on The Brit Awards (BPI) to reinstate and give Lulu the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2014, marking her 50th year in the Music Industry!

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