Coles and Woolworths management.

Did you know that 85% of the products in the average Australian grocery trolley are made by foreign owned companies.

This results in 100 million a day going outside Australia. By comparison,in Japan, 98% of goods in supermarkets are owned by Japanese organisations. We need to turn this around and copy the Japanese comparison.Lets go even better than the Japanese lets aim for 100%.

www.dicksmithfoods.com.au www.ausbuy.com.au www.fightbacknews.com.au www.woolworths.com.au www.coles.com.au www.onlyoz.com.au

We, the undersigned, demand that Coles and Woolworths support 100% Australian made and owned companies so profits and jobs stay in Australia.

Email the management of Coles and Woolworths and tell them you are disgusted by their lack of support for Aussie companies. Sign the petition and voice your anger.

Tell them you will shop at other Australian owned retailers who will support 100% Australian owned and made.

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